Salesforce Developer

What you will get to do:
Challenging and rewarding projects with our multinational client companies. Working in a project team filled with talented professionals.

What you will be responsible for:

  • Developing solutions for customers in the Salesforce ecosystem and enhancing existing solutions
  • Providing technical advisory within a customer project
  • Supporting with writing technical documentation
  • Assisting in determining time and cost estimates
  • Resolving application development issues in a timely manner
  • Taking the initiative to highlight any issues in the selected solution approach
  • Preparing test cases and strategies for unit testing and integration testing
  • Deploying developed features to customer production environments
  • Supporting the project team in ensuring the solution meets the client requirements

The skills we are looking for:

  • Basic understanding of Salesforce’s setup and configuration capabilities
  • Lightning components, APEX / Visualforce
  • Skills in modern web-programming languages (such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX or similar other technologies)
  • Database knowledge and usage of SOQL

At Fluido, you will get:

  • The support and time of your team leads
  • The support of our business team to grow personally
  • The possibility to attend training and conferences
  • A knowledgeable team of experts and a supportive and appropriate environment conducive to performing your work​​
  • We know that these are not our only deal makers but we have team activities, free snacks and drinks, game evenings, library, office parties, etc…

Questions? Contact careers@fluidogroup.com


Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Sweden Gothenburg, Sweden Stockholm
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