Senior Web Analytics Consultant

What you will get to do

At Fluido we bring Customer data to life, offering the best Salesforce CRM platform competence in Northern Europe. In the Data & Analytics team, we focus on helping our clients make the best use of their Customer data. We track and connect data from all possible sources (advertising, social media – web and mobile –  sales, customer service…), we model it, visualize it and analyze it to produce customer insights, actionable segments, and optimize our clients’ marketing and business processes.

What you are going to be responsible for:

  • Engage with customers’ business and technical staff, e.g. in discovery workshops, to find the right analytics solutions and KPIs.
  • Design – together with our Senior Data Analysts and Architects – the solutions for cross-channel integration, connecting web, advertising, and CRM data.
  • Discover and audit our client’s web and media tracking implementations and data quality levels.
  • Design and build dashboards to monitor marketing ROI, sales and CRM processes performance, and customer experience.
  • Work with our Data Scientists to design analysis methodologies and implement the tracking scenarios that will enable them.
  • Produce and share with our clients’ customer behaviour insights and performance findings from the dashboards you build and the deep-dive analyzes you conduct.
  • Take part with our pre-sales teams, bring innovative solution ideas to accounts and prospects, and contribute to project scoping and estimation discussions.

The skills we are looking for:

  • Understanding of web/behavioural tracking (event tracking, eCommerce tracking, javascript) using Google Analytics, GA4, and Tag Manager.
  • Experience building dashboards with at least one tool such as Google Data Studio, Tableau, Tableau CRM (Einstein Analytics), Datorama, Power BI, Qlik View/Sense
  • Ability to help clients define success metrics and dashboard visualization that will improve their processes and efficiency.
  • As an analyst, you are able to present complex systems and analysis findings with simple stories and charts.
  • Critical thinking and the ability to challenge the status quo in order to keep the team’s expertise level high and innovation with our clients.
  • Experience building dashboards with at least one tool such as Tableau, Tableau CRM (Einstein Analytics), Datorama, Power BI, Qlik View/Sense, Google Data Studio.
  • Experience building dashboards with at least one tool such as Google Data Studio, Tableau, Tableau CRM (Einstein Analytics), Datorama, Power BI, Qlik View/Sense
  • Strong verbal and written English skills.

A plus if you can check any of these – but not a must:

  • Experience with clickstream data and how to model it for producing the richest insights using Google BigQuery.
  • Experience with Server-side GTM
  • Experience with audience management tools and AdTech (eg. DMP, DSP, Ad server, CRM automation)
  • Experience with Salesforce products (Audience Studio, Datorama, Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Sales Cloud).
  • Knowledge of advanced marketing analytics methodologies (eg. attribution modelling, marketing mix modelling, econometric models) and creativity in setting up new analysis frameworks.
  • Experience using analytics modelling tools/languages such as R, Python, SPSS Modeler, etc.
  • Experience with Server-side GTM

At Fluido, you will get:

  • Environment for learning and growing your technical and consulting skillset. Fluido is the best place to learn Salesforce in Northern Europe
  • Coaching and support of your Team Lead to bring you to the best projects for you to grow and excel
  • Training and conferences adapted to your needs
  • A diverse team (origins, backgrounds, and field of expertise) supportive and an appropriate environment conducive to performing your work
  • The possibility to become a superhero in the rapidly growing field of customer data and automation by bridging the gap between ‘known’ and ‘unknown’ customer data

**Please note that our offices in the Netherlands, Germany, UK, and Ireland cannot sponsor work permits for the time being.


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