From international skies to Fluido – Catharina A.

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Combine a business background with a love of ice cream and excellent Salesforce knowledge, and you’ll get Fluido consultant Catharina Amandusson! Catharina is based in Fluido’s Stockholm office and is currently waiting for the move into a new location in the beginning of November. During her two and a half years at Fluido, she has seen the Swedish team grow from one (“I was the first one here!” she laughs) to 10 professionals.



During her time in the company, Catharina has managed many projects in Sweden and Norway, including Service Cloud and Sales Cloud implementations, Salesforce development, and maintenance projects. She also has experience in marketing, and is interested in extending her knowledge to Salesforce Marketing Cloud products as well. “It would be fun to be part of a marketing project at some point,” Catharina says.

Catharina has an international background. After school in Sweden, she spent two years in Geneva studying French, followed by university studies in the US and Japan. After her studies, she started as a management trainee at Unilever and ended up as product manager for ice cream company GB Glass. “I could start my day with the product developers, trying different vanilla flavors… No need to say that I love ice cream! Coffee ice cream is my favorite,” Catharina admits.

After some years with Unilever, Catharina joined the Nordic operations at IATA (International Air Transport Association). She was introduced to Salesforce when she became responsible for a Nordic-wide project focused on improving customer service management in local offices. “There was no tool used by the offices, so it was difficult to understand how customer service was managed. We needed a tool, and we chose Salesforce,” she explains. The project was successful and led to establishing a customer service center in Madrid that served the whole of Europe. After this subsequent success, the Salesforce roll-out was scaled to global level.


"There was no tool used by the offices thus it was difficult to get an understanding of how customer service was managed. A tool was needed and we selected Salesforce."


“I managed Salesforce for IATA for eight years and was then invited to become a consultant for Fluido. I thought — it’s now or never! And here I am!” Catharina says of her career move. Besides learning more about Salesforce, Catharina feels that she has gained new skills and experiences while working at Fluido: “I have been able to work with different companies and see their different processes and cultures, and that’s so interesting.” In her work, managing many projects simultaneously can be challenging, as work can get fragmented. Finding the right balance between being an agile company and having enough structure is also sometimes demanding.

Catharina thinks that shared enthusiasm is the best aspect of her work at Fluido: “I think what I like most is that it’s a company that is so dedicated to Salesforce. Everyone is very enthusiastic.” She also feels that keeping team spirit high is important for the company. “We have a really good team and team spirit. Fluido is a company that cares about its employees and wants everyone to feel good about their work and have a good time.”

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