Webinar recording: Customer-Centric b2b eCommerce

The b2b e-commerce market is booming. To stay ahead of their competitors, companies that want to be successful need to start creating a strong digitally enabled b2b commerce strategy. We’re now dealing with more tech- and e-commerce-savvy customer each and every day: customers are basing their experiences on their own personal shopping experiences and that’s driving b2b commerce to no longer be only about an order or a shopping cart.

In this free webinar, we will guide you through what we see as customer-centric b2b commerce and how it can help you generate online revenue fast and easily scale for growth and provide you with b2b digital commerce success.

After this webinar, you will learn how you can bridge the gap between a dealer/partner/customer and your company using the new Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s B2B Commerce and Community Cloud, take b2b customer centricity to the next level as well as drive maximum value and growth for your business.

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