Key takeaways from #CNX16

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On the second week of May, Salesforce Marketing Cloud organized the Digital Marketing event of the year, Connections, in Atlanta, Georgia. On top of managing to pull off an amazing show with interesting keynote speakers, Stevie Wonder concert, and opportunity to network with marketers from all over the globe, Marketing Cloud also announced a bunch of game-changing product updates they will release this year. I will now go through a couple of my favourite ones that all data-driven organizations should get excited about.

Advertising Studio, advertising has been the missing link on the Marketing Cloud platform for a long time, but now they have managed to tackle that challenge: this will be awesome for everyone building multi-channel journeys. Previously, Marketing Cloud had some advertising capabilities for Twitter and Facebook, but no connections to Google network, which we all know is one of the key platforms in this field. Now that they are including this missing piece to the puzzle, customers can actually control the whole journey from acquisition to retainment on the Marketing Cloud platform. We all know how annoying it is to get display adverts about those shoes you bought from Zalando a month ago as there has not been a connection between your CRM data and your display advertising platform. Now you can stop that by connecting Advertising Studio as a part of the journey, and once the goal (purchase) has been accomplished, you can suppress that individual customer from your display ad campaigns. No more losing your customers because of the ads of the products they have already purchased from you!

Email Studio, FINALLY we can get rid of that old email editor from the 90s and start concentrating on building a comprehensive content portfolio across all channels instead of desperately trying to change that bloody link colour in the email without breaking it. Email Studio with Content Builder offers Marketing Cloud customers a brand new email build flow and content management system where you can manage all your content across all the channels, not just email. Email Studio is integrated with Predictive Intelligence, the algorithm engine behind product recommendations, with ready-made content areas for cart abandonment and browsing retargeting emails. This has involved some heavy coding before, but now it looks like Marketing Cloud has managed to bring it together with the new editor. The editor is now available for customers in open beta so you can switch it on and start testing it in your own instance instead of just listening to me talking about it!

These were my two favourite ones but there’s a lot more coming so I would recommend the to check out the product keynote from the Connections website. See you guys next year in Chicago!

Written by Marko Puustinen

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