The Challenge

In times of crisis, situations often change daily and raise numerous questions from customers, business partners, and other stakeholders.

Optimal communication is particularly crucial in crises when dealing with uncertainty on the part of those involved.

Information regarding evolving circumstances should be delivered immediately, conveniently, and ideally with minimal effort.

Companies must be able to maintain a dialogue with various interest groups without overburdening their own resources.

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven the importance of keeping employees, customers, and partners up to date with minimum effort — especially in times of crisis.

The Solution

A turnkey solution with delivery services included based on Salesforce Service & Community Clouds. Building on the capabilities listed below, you can quickly begin a dialog with your defined audiences.

  • A structured framework for your content which you can build upon.
  • Ability to differentiate provided content to specific audiences (Business Partners).
  • Capability to display Knowledge Articles for FAQ during a crisis such as restrictions, health advice, etc. for site visitors to read.
  • Ability to handle inquiries from site visitors (or registered users).
  • Case management functionality to follow pressing issues and inquiries from Business Partners.
  • Allowing service agents to manage inquiries via the Salesforce Service Console permitting Customer Service Rep’s to Track, Handle, Solve, Escalate cases.

The Value

(RC)² allows you to initiate the dialog with your business partners almost immediately, providing streamlined communications with those who need support FAST!

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  • What do the concrete steps regarding preparation and implementation look like?
  • What is the recommended methodology?
  • What functionalities are available after implementing (RC)²?
  • How are employees trained for the new solution?

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