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Looking Down the Pipeline

Medius is a leading global provider of accounts payable invoice automation solutions in the cloud. Founded in 2001, we now serve over 2,000 customers worldwide, and process 52 million invoices annually, with high density in retail, manufacturing and professional service sectors. Medius currently employs 220 accounts payable invoice automation experts working out of our headquarters in Sweden, and offices in the United States, Norway, Denmark, Poland, the Netherlands, Malaysia and Australia.

We help our customers to achieve a touchless accounts payable process with greater control and less manual input. Our solutions MediusFlow and Ascendo Invoice enable a high level of fully automated invoice processing — some customers achieve more than a 90% touchless rate. This means our customers have more time to focus on the core of their business, and do what they do best.




Million annual invoices processed



Choosing our Future

Four years ago, we began our transition from a traditional software company to a cloud company. This impacted everything; our company culture, products, business model, customer focus and our overall perspective on business needed to change with us.

We realized that our CRM solution was not up to the task. It was complex and only available on-premise — not ideal for a cloud company. With our new solution, we wanted to combine power with ease of use to emphasize availability, performance, visibility, usability and continued development.

Fluido became our choice of implementation and change partner because of their deep knowledge of Salesforce and their easy and pragmatic business approach. Fluido’s company size was also just right for us: large enough to be a solid company with great knowledge, and small enough to be pragmatic and fast-moving. Fluido was one of the partners Salesforce recommended to us, and we’re glad they did. We enjoyed working with the Fluido team, and felt secure in the trust that they could deliver what they promised.

Power and flexibility

We wanted a solution that offered enhanced usability through an intuitive user interface, that could easily be learned and implemented by colleagues all over the world. Our goal was to gain better visibility, knowledge and management of our entire sales process and particularly pipeline management. The project was owned by marketing and focused on sales process and customer management, but it was a company-wide implementation and affected a multitude of departments — including management, finance, consulting, delivery, support and, of course, sales.

Sales Cloud was implemented with integrations to other systems. Currently we have approximately one hundred users company-wide contributing with their daily activities. In addition, we have another hundred users of Force.com.


"Fluido became our choice of implementation and change partner because of their deep knowledge of Salesforce and their easy and pragmatic business approach."

Fredrik André, VP Global Marketing

Increased Pipeline Visibility and Control

We are using Pardot B2B Marketing Automation by Salesforce for digital marketing and lead management. This has made it significantly easier to align marketing and sales organizations’ activities. Instead of separate processes for marketing and sales, we have one lead and sales process.

It is clear for us internally that we now have better pipeline visibility, which supports day-to-day pipeline management and forecasting. The pipeline visibility and forecast capabilities enable us to interact with our sales organization like never before. Having a dialogue with the team and planning future actions becomes simple and smooth when we can see where we should grow or accelerate the pipeline.

Our employees are having an easier time with information as this project has made relevant information more accessible across the organization globally. With Salesforce implemented by Fluido, we have better insight into our day to day business and also what lies ahead, including potential future business.


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