Supporting women in tech: Fluido executives graduate from Stanford Graduate School of Business

Three of Fluido’s women executives graduate from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business Leadership program. The initiative is part of Infosys’ IamtheFuture – Women in Leadership initiative that supports female leaders in developing their leadership skills for the technology industry.

Three women executives from Fluido graduated from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business Leadership program this week: Industry Lead Elina Peuhkurinen, Head of People and Culture Pauliina Löytty, and Service Lead Riina Luoso.


Pauliina Löytty

Riina Luoso

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Infosys’ IamtheFuture – Women in Leadership program is organised to support women executives leading the way for digital transformation. Women represent 22 % of Infosys’ Board and 39 % of the workforce, and at Fluido, the number of women leaders is 35 % and growing. This type of diversity initiative continues to strengthen women’s participation in the tech industry.

Elina appreciates the initiative: “I was super happy when given this opportunity to join the IamtheFuture leadership program, not only because of the valuable content but also because of the message embedded within the invite. Gathering women leaders around the globe to join the program, Infosys is communicating a strong commitment to diversity, inclusion and equality.”

“For me, it is very important that everyone in the organisation has an equal opportunity to grow and succeed. Thus enabling women to proceed with their careers by providing support and guidance resonates well with my values and thoughts,” Elina continues.

In Stanford’s Leadership program, women executives were invited to participate in developing their leadership skills through live lectures, personal feedback and business simulation games. The program was an almost year-long course done entirely remotely, with topics ranging from strategy and business models to leadership and innovation.

“For me, there were two main takeaways from this program. First of all, getting to reflect on my own leadership style with 360-degree feedback, backed up by lectures around the same topic. And second, by taking the time for a deep dive into strategy formulation, innovation and digital transformation at the different courses included in his program,” Riina reflects her learning.

Continuous learning is the key to success in today’s business environment. It is especially so in the technology industry, where rapid change and digitalisation dominate the scene. Change is also where good leadership skills are required.

“Too often HR, or in our case People and Culture, is considered as a stand-alone function, supporting the business or managing processes on the side. However, true value for a company and its employees comes from being part of the business and understanding the drivers that make the company’s raison d’être,” Pauliina says.

“While analytical, managerial and business skills are important for HR professionals, the role still requires exceptional soft skills. Those skills would include skills such as the ability to listen and provide empathy to employees. And the latter skill only comes with aptitude in leadership,” she adds.

Hopefully, the Leadership program continues, and Infosys will host yet another group of Executive Leaders for 2022.

Read more about Fluido culture and values here and see our open positions here.

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