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Completing the Funnel-View: Enriching your Salesforce Data with Marketing Insights

Those familiar with the Salesforce ecosystem are aware that Salesforce Einstein Marketing Analytics includes a robust toolkit for analyzing your Salesforce data that…

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4 tips for data driven marketing automation

1. The importance of gathering data Email marketing is proven to be an important tool in customer retention, especially when done correctly. Just sending out a bunch…

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Here is the problem: Silos prevent excellent customer experiences

Which silos can you identify? ‘Silo effect’ is a business term that refers to a situation where information is not adequately shared throughout an organization, …

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The customer journey stages we tend to forget

Customer journeys: Too complex to follow? ‘Customer journey’ is a term used to describe the customer’s experiences throughout the lifecycle of a customer relat…

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What prevents great marketing automation? 5 common reasons

1. Marketing automation is not only a technology When talking about marketing automation, we usually speak about it in the context of technology. IT infrastructure, …

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