Offer: Your Free Salesforce Org Assessment by Fluido

Are you wondering if you are getting the most out of your current Salesforce setup or struggling with user adoption? Feeling lost about all the features you currently have and wishing to know whether some of them are underutilised?

At Fluido, we have completed over 1300 projects globally and would like to share our experience with you. In this collaboration with Salesforce, we offer you a free assessment of your Salesforce org and a two-hour online workshop on how to improve your current setup to get the most value for your business and the best experience for your users, no strings attached.

Your benefits as a Salesforce customer:

– Better understanding of how Salesforce can benefit your company

– Ensuring that your specific functionality is supported

– Maximizing the value and adoption of your Salesforce products

– Tapping into the knowledge of Fluido’s certified experts globally

Reach out to us for a free assessment!


  • Stakeholder who can provide org ID for the assessment
  • Stakeholders willing to share outstanding org issues and concerns
  • Meeting and workshop attendance

Assessment overview:

1. Pre-assessment

Discuss current challenges and business goals

1 meeting online

2. Analysis


– Technical analysis

– Business Process Adaptation and Prioritization

– Adoption assessment

3. Plan

Best practices and recommendations to address the issues

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