Learner experience in the digital world

In recent years, higher education institutions worldwide have had to put much more emphasis on their digital learner and employee experience. For most institutions, hybrid learning is here to stay — and opportunities and challenges come with it. What can institutions do to enhance the student and employee experience in the digital era? 

Happy employees make happy customers, as the adage goes, and no less is true in the world of education. Yet often, when we talk about the digital experience, we focus almost exclusively on the customer. During the past few years, learners everywhere have been to adopt a new hybrid or fully remote mode of learning, meaning that teachers have needed to quickly embrace the latest teaching methods. Do they have the right working environment and digital tools to support that?

Tune in to hear Fluido’s Industry Lead for Education, Kari Poutanen discusses with Aalto University’s CIO Christa Winqvist how higher education is tackling the digital learner and employee experience, what changes are happening in the industry and what the future looks like.

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