Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Create personalized, intelligent shopper journeys on any device

A unified shopping experience can be available on any device, and can harmonize with in-store shopping experiences. Coordinating the customer experience across functions such as marketing, sales and customer care is equally important. With Salesforce, b2b and b2c businesses can implement e-commerce solutions that are tightly connected with both marketing and customer care.

Fluido Experience

At Fluido we see the importance of the whole customer experience, from marketing to customer care, and we provide expertise throughout the whole journey. To ensure your e-commerce solution constantly evolves to meet changing customer expectations, we provide a mid– to long-term advisory strategy. We work with both b2b and b2c customers using Salesforce Commerce Cloud solution.


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Future scalability

Embarking on an e-commerce journey with Fluido and Salesforce opens the possibility to start small and scale rapidly, and bridge the gap between the physical and virtual worlds. Trusted by many of the e-commerce leaders, you can be certain in making a future-proof investment with Salesforce.

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Antti Katajamäki

Digital Experience & Ecommerce Practice Lead

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