Salesforce Enablement Quick Start 

Boost your teams’ sales efficiency and productivity with outcome-based enablement – all in the flow of work. Stay focused on outcomes by embedding milestones in programs, tying enablement to revenue and proving business impact. With conversation intelligence aid managers in improving the skills, every rep needs the most. Salesforce templates that deliver predictable revenue results allow you to launch specialized programs at your pace quickly.

Why Enablement Quick Start?

Make every rep your best rep with Enablement

  • Maintain Pre-sales Excitement after Closing
  • Plant the Seeds for Long-Term Success
  • Sell More as They Grow
  • Spend More Time Selling vs Servicing
  • Reduce Time to Value at a Great Price


  • Revenue Milestones – Prove enablement ROI. Embed milestones into programs, which auto-complete as reps reach them.
  • Templates – Ship confidently and find value faster with tailor-made templates based on Salesforce best practices.
  • Insights & Analytics –  Automatically track KPIs, which prove enablement program success in terms of revenue outcomes.
  • Program Builder –  Deliver structured enablement fast with a drag and drop building experience directly in Salesforce.
  • Einstein Conversation Insights – Harness data and AI to power up your coaching and get the most out of every customer interaction.
  • In-App Prompts & Walkthroughs – Manage change and drive adoption. Give updates and quickly guide reps through tasks.

Enablement Quick Start Program 

Get started with Enablement to drive a more intelligent seller/service rep enablement with actionable insights. Choose a program that fits your needs and challenges.

Quick Start Set Up

    • Price: $16K USD
    • Duration: 2 weeks
    • Quick Start Set Up & Training
    • 2 Programs (1 custom)
    • 4 Simple Measures
    • 2 IAG Walkthroughs

Quick Start Growth

    • Price: $32K USD
    • Duration: 4 weeks
    • Quick Start Set Up + Extend
    • 3 Programs (2 custom)
    • 6 Measures (3 simple, 3 complex)
    • 3 IAG Walkthroughs

Quick Start Plus

    • Price: $56K USD
    • Duration: 7 weeks
    • Enablement Superstardom
    • 5 Programs (3 custom)
    • 10 Measures (5 simple, 5 complex)
    • 5 IAG
    • Einstein Conversation Insights (ECI)

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Jenni Salmenkangas

Sales Cloud Practice Lead

Experienced business process developer and trainer. Background in various roles in telco, finance software and logistics businesses: contact centers, controlling, product development and sales development. Special knowledge in sales & marketing processes, lead management and marketing automation. Sales Cloud Practice Lead at Fluido.

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