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Fluido & Sage People

  • Over 100 project implementations to customers with HQ in the UK (predominantly), Netherlands, North America, and Australia with subsidiaries across the globe
  • 8 years of partnership
  • Verticals worked with: Retail, Engineering, HiTech, Not-for-Profit, Energy, Financial Services, Media, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Telco, Education, Food & Beverage

Connect teams across borders

  • Customise communications: Deliver business updates to specific groups and gather feedback with surveys.
  • Personalise experiences: Create engaging, branded experiences – tailored by group or region.
  • Connect global teams: Manage your entire workforce, wherever they are. Embed global policies while enforcing local regulations.
  • Help teams thrive anywhere: Support wellbeing, provide localised benefits packages, and more.

Get ahead with actionable HR analytics

  • Make informed decisions: Use People analytics for actionable insights in seconds.
  • Provide real-time insights: Give up-to-the-minute recommendations so leaders jump on trends and adjust plans.
  • Customise dashboards: Plan hiring, analyse attrition, manage absence, and more.
  • Get actionable feedback: Understand the employee experience through surveys, tailored to different groups.

Connect with a superhero

Rebecca Teasdale (CIPD)

Delivery Lead Sage People Practice