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MTV: Marketing Cloud for relevant and timely content

MTV is a Finnish media company with roots firmly anchored in the early television days of 1950s Finland. MTV has been utilizing Fluido’s expertise since 2013. What began as a statistical tool and data warehouse for customer information, has evolved into a dynamic and automated marketing platform. The new MTV offers Finland the best in content and experience regardless of time and place — meeting the individual needs of almost everyone.

MTV was one of the first commercial television companies in Europe. This once-small startup has grown into a media company that broadcasts news and entertainment and creates new experiences for viewers 24/7.  MTV3, Sub, and AVA are free channels popular among viewers throughout Finland. The programs on the MTV channels can be viewed online via MTV Katsomo, while paid content is accessible through C More streaming service or by subscribing to channel packages via operators. MTV is owned by Swedish media company Bonnier AB.

The main focus of MTV in the 2010s was establishing a stronger connection with the Finnish population and bringing the MTV media family to the attention of content producers and advertisers.

From Storage to Automation

MTV has been utilizing Fluido’s expertise since 2013. What began as a statistical tool and data warehouse for customer information, has evolved into a dynamic and automated marketing platform. “With Fluido’s assistance, we have been able to upgrade our ability to communicate with our customers.”

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud applications, we can offer our customers relevant and up-to-date information. Not only do we send emails based on customers’ preferences, but we have also taken the lessons learned with dynamic content to other areas. “Dynamic newsletters were a big step for us in spring 2016,” Heli recalls. These are generated automatically based on the information from MTV’s website. At the same time, they also direct traffic to seed sites.

Customers can choose to receive newsletters daily or weekly based on their topics of interest. Information from automatic feeds can be used effectively in other messages, enabling MTV to enhance CRM actions and to increase the amount of targeted content in CRM communication. This, in turn, increases customer satisfaction and engagement levels.

Heli Ojala MTV

"We are very pleased with the expertise and the level of communication we have with Fluido"

Heli Ojala, CRM Manager, MTV


The Customer Journey in Focus

Relying on customer journeys is important for the way we want to communicate. Marketing Cloud’s Journey Builder is a concrete solution that brings the customer journey to life. We see a lot of potential here. For example, when a customer signs up for a free month, we can message the customer based on their activity and send relevant nurturing offers automatically. Customer journey has been one of MTV’s focus areas during 2017.

Today we no longer communicate with ad hoc emails. Instead, we react automatically to customers’ preferences and activity. “Going forward, we have high hopes for Journey Builder,” Heli concludes.

In addition to Salesforce Marketing Cloud applications, we are also using Salesforce Service Cloud and Live Chat to enhance C More’s customer service and customer satisfaction.


The new Marketing Cloud has helped us to automate many tasks in a convenient and user-friendly way. We are able to provide our customers with content that fits their individual tastes in a timely manner. Because customers are actively subscribing to newsletters matching their personal interests, it is possible to achieve excellent open rates. For example, on certain newsletters, we regularly achieve a 50% open rate.

Overall, our actions have diversified significantly and the level of personalization has increased for both content and targeting. Automation has accelerated our work and is already a fundamental part of our new customers’ service model. Emails can be created 100% automatically, manually or as a combination of the two. We can also utilize A/B testing in our emails.

Content Builder’s drag-and-drop tool has made email creation easier. Likewise, sharing components between various authors is super handy and a great time-saver. With Journey Builder, managing our customers’ journey is more flexible and coherent. Previously we were able to notice only certain time-based points on the customer journey. Now, we can take into account the actions made by the user.

Providing the right information to the right people at the right time changes everything!

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