Webinar: 5 Considerations to Ensure a Successful CPQ project

Successfully implemented Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) solutions can deliver considerable advantages for your business in the areas of efficiency, predictability, and collaboration across business functions. Implementing CPQ involves many areas of your business, and realising the benefits of the implementation requires more than just great software.

When preparing for a CPQ implementation, one gets easily confused about where and how to start — what is necessary to do before even choosing the CPQ platform and what can be decided later on. In order to make the CPQ implementation a success story that brings a big boost to your business and is not just becoming a burden to your employees, there are many central topics to consider carefully. Whether you think of implementing your first CPQ tool or upgrading your existing one, some points are critical in both cases.

The purpose of this webinar is to prepare you before embarking on a CPQ project, as well as to guide you through the different areas your business should consider and give you concrete examples of how these areas are influenced by a CPQ tool.

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