Fluido doubles its Salesforce Admin training power

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For the past four years, our colleague Pauliina Löytty has had the distinction of being the only Salesforce-certified trainer in the Nordics. Now another Fluidian, Juho Kilkku, joins her as second Salesforce Certified Admin trainer!

This dynamic duo has more than 20 years of combined experience in implementing and managing Salesforce projects. The expertise they bring consolidates Fluido’s position as the number one Salesforce partner in the Nordics.

Why is Salesforce-certified training important?

In Juho’s words: Attending an official Salesforce University course guarantees that your instructors know the products inside-out and that the skills you will learn are going to be ones that you can use globally in any Salesforce organisation.

Salesforce offers formal training exclusively through themselves or via trusted, certified partners in certain geographies. When you attend an official Salesforce training, you are sure that the curriculum covers the latest features available with each release and that the trainers have been vetted by Salesforce to give you a professional and unified learning experience, no matter where you attend the training.

What do you get from certified training that you cannot get elsewhere?


Other pieces of training can give you exposure to various functionalities in Salesforce, but the official Salesforce University courses provide you with appropriate tools and a solid understanding of the features that Salesforce themselves consider essential.

Official Salesforce University courses prepare you to become a Certified Admin, giving you internationally recognised status as a Salesforce Administrator. ​

What does it take to get certified as a Salesforce Instructor?

​There are no shortcuts to becoming a trainer. You need to have several years of Salesforce experience and a solid understanding of all functionalities of the topics that you teach.

If you are approved into the training program, on top of thorough product knowledge, you also need the ability to communicate concepts in a clear and understandable way to a group that might have different skill levels. Excellent class management skills and professional demeanour are also essential! Salesforce tests everything in teaching certification sessions before approving you as an instructor.


February’s Administration Essentials for New Admins training in Finland was fully packed, and feedback from participants about Juho couldn’t have been better!

Fluido offers Administrator Training courses for new admins and advanced admins across the Nordic capital cities, as well as a wide variety of other technical courses; check out our training schedule for more details and don’t hesitate to book; places go very fast!

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