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Salesforce Training

Our Salesforce training services consist of official Salesforce Administration, Marketing Cloud, Developer courses, and end-user training. Our training ensures that you get the best out of your Salesforce instance. End-user and Administration training courses are the core elements of successful system implementation and long-term adoption.


Official Salesforce Training

The official Salesforce training courses ensure that you get the best out of your Salesforce instance. Fluido is the only Salesforce Authorised Training Provider with certified trainers based in Northern Europe.

In Finland and Norway, we are responsible for both the training facilities and the training delivery. In all other countries, we work with our partner network.

End-user Training

End-user trainings are based on your needs and can be held on-site or online. Does your team or key users need to brush up their skills? Contact us for a free training consultation.

Customer References

“Excellent engaging and mentoring and sharing experiences from real life.”

Course participant, 2022

“Best instructor I ever had. 5 star performance.”

Course participant, 2022

“Easy to get on board and grasp.”

Course participant, 2021

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