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Fluido Wealth360 has been designed to support adviser firms of any size, developing accessible technology that delivers efficiency in day-to-day processes, reduces re-keying and enhances user and client experience. Developed on the Salesforce platform, Fluido Wealth360 leverages and provides core capabilities required by any modern advice business. Features include a single view of the client and connected relationships, consistent processes with a clear and comprehensive audit trail, task allocation and orchestration, automation and enhanced reporting.

The opportunity to integrate disparate technologies, data and processes also becomes a reality through process consolidation via the flexible and connected client record, API integrations or leveraging an integration hub structure that enables customer and business ‘360’ views to become a reality.

With an increasing focus of the FCA for the market to become data– and insight-led, along with the expectation of demonstrating fair value and outcomes within Consumer Duty, the dashboard capabilities and in-record presentation of data ensure that adviser firms are equipped for instant and real-time responses.

The efficiencies, enhanced experience and modern interface provided by Fluido Wealth360 will enable adviser firms to retain clients — across generations — and open opportunities to create new service offerings and be fit for the future.

Value for the adviser firms:

  • Increased capacity — advice & support
  • Managed costs — reduction in cost to serve
  • Improved audit trail and outcome management
  • Modern channels of engagement
  • Simplified processes
  • Continually compliant/regulation ready
  • Access anywhere

Value for the clients:

  • Enhanced experience
  • Engage on own terms
  • Improve financial literacy
  • Advice becomes accessible
  • Confidence in the future — individual and family
  • Future-ready technology

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