Salesforce Genie for B2B companies

Salesforce Genie offers a new array of possibilities for B2B companies that seek to engage customers better in eCommerce and beyond.

Many B2B companies rely on their sales force to sell their products or services. However, did you know that 70% of B2B buyers prefer self-service for placing their orders? And, having used to great customer experiences in their personal lives, they expect the same from their B2B partners as well.

“Nowadays, the buying experience is as important as the product. You are being compared to services you’re not even competing with,” says Antti Katajamäki, Digital Experience & Ecommerce Practice Lead for Fluido.

“The customer expects the actions and prompts within your self-service channel to reflect the state of their account & services in real-time. They want the content and recommendations to be tailored and be available instantly so they can make the right decisions.”

Salesforce Genie is here to help with these challenges. In this post, we will give five tips for B2B companies on how to benefit from Genie’s possibilities. But first, let’s look into the product to understand how it works.

What is Salesforce Genie?

Genie is a hyper-personalised and real-time Customer Data Platform (CDP). It offers better experiences for the customer by connecting and harmonising real-time data and thus offering a better-personalised eCommerce and self-service experience.

“Genie connects your data streams, and not only your typical transactional data but the engagement data as well. And it does all this in real-time,” Katajamäki says.

Genie complements Salesforce’s Transactional Database with the Genie Hyperscale Data Platform. Utilising the Genie tools, where data is connected from multiple channels (web, mobile, APIs, devices and eCommerce), a Unified Customer Profile is created, representing a dynamic 360 view of the customer. This supercharged customer profile is then available for Einstein AI and Flow Automation of the Salesforce platform. It allows you to engage with customers in any channel, including eCommerce.

Salesforce Genie benefits

Salesforce Genie lays a new foundation for better customer experiences in eCommerce. Here are the top five benefits the Salesforce technology offers.

1. Better B2B buying experience

With Genie, you can create an improved B2B buying experience that matches the customer’s expectations. They can get more valuable and relevant product recommendations and make purchases more efficiently.

2. Increased order conversion rate

No more incomplete orders or abandoned shopping carts. Customers are more likely to navigate and complete the buying process with a personalised guided buying process.

3. Better deals faster

Genie’s data-driven experiences increase customer loyalty and reduce deal close time. It does this by surfacing context-relevant information for the customer at the right time to help them make the purchase decision during the customer’s self-service session.

4. More up-sell and cross-sell opportunities

With Genie, you can use relevant and timely product promotions and recommendations for the customer. These recommendations can, for example, be based on their browsing actions or the latest data from their services.

5. Detailed view of the customer

Knowing your customer is essential. How well do you identify their unique characteristics and habits in an online environment? The unified customer profile gathered by Genie includes all engagement data of the individual B2B buyer and their account. Besides helping the customer self-serve, this is also valuable information for the B2B sales team and their traditional engagement activities.

The value of Genie is in enabling a seamless and valuable customer experience in all engagement channels. Better customer experience, in turn, offers the company multiple benefits.

“We all love great experiences, which makes us return to the services that offered them. Strictly speaking, a great experience increases the average order value and conversation rate, and most importantly, it increases customer loyalty”, Katajamäki wraps up.

Antti Katajamäki

Digital Experience & Ecommerce Practice Lead

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