Fluido Company Values

Our values are the core of our actions and describe who we are:

We Trust

At Fluido, we believe that trust creates more trust.

Trust works in two ways. Everyone works towards being trustworthy, and we can then trust each other in everything we do. This creates a sense of responsibility and trust we can count on.

The trust ranges from how we work with each other to our customers and our projects.

We believe in Superheroes

We see Fluidians do miracles every day and have fun doing so.

We are not afraid to challenge our customers. We are always aiming to go the extra mile to give our customers the best possible outcome by utilising our skills, competencies, and fitting technologies. Superheroes embrace a growth mindset as they understand there is always something new to learn.

Actions speak Clouder than words

We are hungry for success. To succeed, we must deliver — and we do.

We take pride in our achievements, focus on actions and don’t promise what we cannot deliver. We have proof of our competencies and always work for your benefit. We were born Cloud and Cloud is where we live!

Friends don’t let friends down

At Fluido, you are amongst friends: we take good care of our own, be it our colleagues, customers, or partners.

We do not need to promise to deliver. Delivery is in our DNA. We work proactively with you to overcome challenges. When we run into something new, our colleagues, network, and the Salesforce community are there to support us. We want our friends to succeed, and we are always ready to help one another.

Work must be fun

Work must be fun, and that’s why we’ve decided to take fun seriously.

We like what we do, and we believe in Fluido and our partners. We also enjoy working together. Quoting our CEO during a frisbee throwing session at the office: “It doesn’t matter if something breaks, as long as you’re having fun”. Thank god the data is in the cloud!

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