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Welcome to a new era of business transformation. Today, success requires more than just keeping up with the changing landscape of technology, markets, and competition. It requires reimagining the very foundations of how businesses operate and grow.

These Salesforce events bring European leaders and innovators together to explore the latest strategies and solutions for driving change in their organisations. We are proudly sponsoring these events. Get ready to be inspired and challenged and have fun with like-minded trailblazers!

Our customer’s triumph:

VTT: AI-proofing sales and customer experience

Discover how VTT embarked on a transformative journey with Salesforce and Fluido to renew their CRM system and, ultimately, cultivate a new sales and customer relationship culture. Besides achieving a 360-degree view of their customers and streamlined sales processes, they set the stage for future AI integration.

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Industry 6.0: Navigating the ethical frontier of AI and data

AI’s ethical implications are significant. Its rapid development raises ethical concerns about bias, privacy, accountability, and societal impact. But how can we use AI more responsibly, promoting fairness, transparency, and respect for human rights?

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The illusion of AI readiness: why your company might be living in a fantasyland

Think you’re ready for AI? Think again. The buzz around Artificial Intelligence is so loud it’s drowning out the voice of reason. Let’s cut through the noise and get real about your company’s AI readiness.

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Why AI translations are gaining traction in customer service

Explore the impact of AI translations on multilingual customer service, addressing challenges and outlining implementation strategies. Discover how Fluido can help maximise efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction in your Salesforce operations.

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Maintain customer trust in AI

You’ve got your data sorted, a great team of people in place, and a strategic partner you can trust to help with the technology. You’re almost ready to take the AI leap, but how do you ensure you’re implementing AI in an ethical and trusted manner?

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GPT-5 and the dawn of next-gen AI: navigating uncharted waters

In the fast-paced world of AI, OpenAI’s unveiling of GPT-5 mirrors the launch of an Apollo mission, marking a significant step toward achieving Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). Led by Sam Altman, this endeavor signals a journey from science fiction to reality. As we advance, we must confront ethical, societal, and technological challenges on this uncharted path.

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Embracing AI: the inevitable fusion of human ingenuity and artificial intelligence

In today’s tech landscape, artificial intelligence (AI) emerges as a transformative force akin to past innovations like fire, steam, and electricity. Yet, amidst this change, we must grasp a vital truth: AI doesn’t replace humans but enhances our abilities. This shift isn’t just technological; it redefines human potential and productivity as those equipped with AI surpass those without.

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Accelerate your digital transformation

Many manufacturers understand that their future depends on learning to do business like digital natives. In this guide, we will look at how manufacturers can hone their strategy for digital transformation from three central perspectives: managing digital experiences, utilising data and leading change.

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