Salesforce CPQ solutions

Streamline, automate and integrate your sales process in order to grow your win-rate and maximize revenue using CPQ solutions on Salesforce.

Salesforce Revenue Cloud (formerly Salesforce CPQ) is a modern CPQ software solution natively integrated to Salesforce, which can tremendously extend the sales capabilities of your Sales Cloud CRM. It’s the most popular CPQ software in the world and it provides a wide range of tools and features for customizing it to your specific business. Companies use Revenue Cloud to build a robust and efficient sales process and even extend it to cover invoicing and related financial processes.

Configure – Price – Quote (CPQ) meaning

Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) means software solutions that are used to create and manage quotes, configure products, calculate prices and generate quote documents, but it doesn’t stop there. Modern CPQ tools can also include approval flows, order management, contract lifecycle management and connect to e.g. eCommerce and external portals.

Other concepts relating to CPQ are Quote-to-Cash and Lead-to-Cash. Quote-to-Cash (QTC) covers the whole process from Orders, Contracts, Invoicing and Payments Collection, to name a few, all the way to Cash. Lead-to-Cash is an even broader term where we start at the Lead phase, go through Opportunity and Quoting until revenue collection.

Main use cases for CPQ tools

Streamline and automate the whole Lead-to-Cash process

A good CPQ solution automates manual error-prone work and makes your deals move faster through the quoting phase into order and even billing phase. It’s guiding your sales reps to select the right products, give the optimal discount, quickly get a proposal out to your customer, convert the quote into an order and/or contract and even create invoices and collect payments. It’s also often including approval processes as a quality assurance layer to keep control over what you’re selling and the given discounts. There are many possible ways to set up the lead-to-cash process using CPQ & Billing solutions – the best one always depends on your specific business, your products and the role of CPQ, Billing and other applications within your system landscape. Our solution architects have years of experience in designing this process and the software to support it.

Manage complex product configuration and pricing

Do your sales reps struggle with finding the right products to offer, to configure the solutions correctly or to easily get the price calculation right? CPQ can offer guided selling, value-based selling and configurable bundles to make life easier for the sales reps and allow them to concentrate on the right thing: sell, sell and sell! CPQ ensures that the price for your products will always be 100% correct, no matter what pricing model you’re using.

Sell and manage subscriptions

Selling subscriptions is not the easiest type of business. This is especially true when it comes to getting the price correct for different contract lengths and managing different contract amendments and renewals. Salesforce CPQ offers a powerful out-of-the-box subscription engine which will automatically calculate the right price for your subscriptions and also allows you to easily handle changes in a structured way, i.e. amend the contract and renew it without any extra manual work or risk of errors.

Also, handling customers with their own pricing instead of the list prices, or managing frame agreements with e.g. defined discounts, terms and conditions can easily be handled with Salesforce CPQ’s standard features.

Enable sales through different channels

You can also allow your partners or even end customers to access CPQ functionalities in a portal using Experience Cloud. You can also use B2B Commerce where the same contracted prices are automatically applied, and then connect this process to Salesforce Billing if needed. The best advantage for your business often comes by connecting more than one application and creating a well integrated solution that helps all stakeholders in the right way.

Choose the CPQ experts

A good CPQ tool is bringing both control and guidance to the sales process and it will make life easier for many teams and stakeholders in your company. Fluido has a dedicated CPQ team with deep knowledge and years of experience of product modeling, business processes and configuring industry-leading solutions to help you streamline your quoting process.

We are working with several different CPQ & Billing platforms, to make sure we can help your business in the best way possible. Salesforce also offers industry-specific CPQ solutions, i.e. Salesforce Industries (formerly Vlocity). Fluido has a lot of experience in successfully implementing these solutions.

With hundreds of implementations under the belt, we can help you elevate your sales teams and performance with a sales solution that is better than anything you’ve experienced before. Regardless of your industry, we can leverage best practices, bring creative ideas and challenge your status quo to help you reach your goals.

CPQ software we work with

Since a CPQ tool has to perfectly handle all the different aspects and elements around your products and your specific process, there’s no “one size fits all” in the CPQ platform market. In order to help your business in the best way possible, we are working with several different CPQ & Billing platforms. In addition to the Salesforce’s products, Fluido is also working with other advanced CPQ solutions such as Epicor CPQ and Tacton.

  • Salesforce CPQ: Salesforce own native CPQ product which covers Quoting, Pricing, Product Configuration, Order and Contract Lifecycle Management functionalities.
  • Salesforce Billing: Salesforce own native Billing product which covers invoicing, payments collection and revenue recognition functionalities.
  • Revenue Cloud: Salesforce’s new brand for the CPQ & Billing products, including different licence versions which give you access to the different CPQ and Billing features.
  • Salesforce Industries Cloud (formerly Vlocity): Salesforce products for industry-tailored solutions that also cover a big part of the Quote-to-Cash process.
  • Epicor CPQ (formerly KBMax): a third party application that can be used on top of Salesforce CPQ/Revenue Cloud to handle advanced configuration of complex products including also 3D-visualisation and integrations to e.g. CAD tools.
  • Tacton: also a third party application for extremely advanced product configuration and 3D visualisation, which works as a standalone application but can be integrated to Salesforce.
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5 tips for ensuring a successful CPQ project

In this webinar we guide you through five different areas that are critical for making your CPQ journey a success story. We’ll also give you concrete examples of how these areas influence the implementation.

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