Masters of Lightning – Fluido receives the Lightning Master Accreditation

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During the 2015 Dreamforce conference, Salesforce launched the Lightning Experience user interface. This new UI pointed the direction of the Salesforce user interface, and has received several updates and enhancements since the launch. Now, all new Salesforce customers are taking advantage of the new Lightning Experience and all it has to offer.

Over the past two years, we at Fluido have put effort into learning and gaining experience in the Lightning technology framework. We’ve been training, organising Lightning Component competitions, sharing knowledge and, of course, actually using this framework with our customers. It has been a joy to see how our team has embraced and become advocates for this new technology. I am extremely happy to announce that we are one of the first Salesforce partners globally to receive the Salesforce Lightning Master accreditation. ​The designation is given to Salesforce partners that have demonstrated extensive knowledge and customer success with the technology.


As a company dedicated solely to Salesforce technology, we take pride in understanding the technology and the ecosystem around it. Receiving this accreditation is ultimately a demonstration of our commitment to learning and customer success. As a platinum-level Salesforce partner, Fluido’s mission is to provide the best digital customer and employee experience using the Salesforce platform. The Lightning Experience framework gives us the ability to increase both speed and agility for the benefit of the customer.


​For existing Salesforce customers, implementing Lightning Experience provides the opportunity to reassess their current Salesforce setup and to take advantage of new features. Our Fluido Lightning Experience Accelerator combines a best practices approach and our experience to ensure a successful LEX transition in your company.

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