Data Cloud at no cost for Marketing Cloud Customers –  are you ready to take your data usage to the next level?

Salesforce announced earlier this week that it will extend access to the “Data Cloud at no additional cost” to current Marketing Cloud customers. This can be considered important news to help marketers become familiar with the functionalities of Data Cloud more quickly and easily.

Salesforce made headlines also with another big Marketing Cloud related announcement this week, the introduction of the new Marketing Cloud Growth Edition, aimed primarily at small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). While Marketing Cloud Growth may not be of interest for existing Marketing Cloud customers, Data Cloud should be. Data Cloud is important for marketers from many aspects, since data access and target audience creation, especially based on different data sets and data sources, has traditionally been one of the biggest struggles for marketers.

For those unfamiliar with the changes since last year’s Dreamforce event, here’s a brief recap: Starting September 19, 2023, Salesforce began offering free licenses for Data Cloud and Tableau to customers holding Enterprise or Unlimited licenses for Sales or Service Cloud. The latest announcement is a welcome development and means that also Marketing Cloud customers will soon get access to the Data Cloud at no cost. The complimentary package will include for example 10,000 unified profiles and 250,000 service credits.

The Strategic Importance of the Data Cloud for Marketers

Salesforce Data Cloud is crucial for marketers and for the Marketing Cloud ecosystem for several reasons. Traditionally, marketers have faced challenges, especially in segmentation and data transformation tasks involving multiple data sources and data sets.

By leveraging Data Cloud, your marketing teams can streamline data integration from different data sources, optimize profile unification, and simplify and improve target audience creation and data activation across channels and platforms. This eliminates the need for complex SQL queries, automation, or other processes, for example, needed for duplicate profile management. Moreover, the integration of Data Cloud to the Salesforce Einstein 1 AI platform will provide marketers with additional functionalities to enhance productivity in data usage.

As a marketer, are you currently able to easily create target audiences based on your customer profile data, engagement data, transactional data and behavioural data? For example, choose your top-tier loyalty customers who have not engaged with your content during the past months or your customers who regularly purchase products or services across multiple categories or product lines. If the answer is no, start exploring the Data Cloud now.

Embarking on Your Data Cloud Journey

Before diving into any new technology, understanding its benefits for your organization is crucial. For Data Cloud, consider starting with a proof of concept, pre-study or discovery. This approach allows you to test core functionalities, validate benefits through specific use cases, and assess the platform’s scalability and potential challenges. It also helps identify new operational requirements and demonstrate the business value of Data Cloud.

A proof of concept can, for example, help to

  • understand what is required to prepare for a full-scale Data Cloud implementation
  • Identify complex steps and potential risks associated with your data structure
  • verify the scalability of the platform for specific use cases and needs
  • identify new ways of working required or
  • showcase the business value provided by Data Cloud.

Fluido is at the forefront of this technological evolution, with a constantly growing number (currently 20) of Data Cloud-certified multi-cloud consultants. We are ready to maximize the value of your data and business processes. Our team is equipped to guide you through your Data Cloud journey, offering support that extends beyond implementation.

Read the Salesforce press release regarding the announcement here.

Note. Data Cloud at no cost will be first offered for customers in AMER and extended to customers in EMEA later this year.

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Milla Hallanoro

Marketing Automation Practice Lead

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