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A new emphasis on lifelong learning is going to become increasingly important for anyone working in the digital era. Keep up with the changing digital marketing strategies and technologies with expert-led Salesforce Marketing Cloud training.

The world has changed a lot from the moment when marketing was mainly about static yearly plans, manual send-outs of mass emails and large investments in single advertising campaigns. What marketers have learned in business schools and universities in the past can be quite far away from the real day-to-day work of today’s marketeer.

Marketing in the digital era requires not only an understanding of marketing processes and strategies but also the ability to understand how data and technologies can be used to create value both for business and for end customers alike. However, technology does not make magic if it is not used in the right way.

Marketing automation technologies, like Salesforce Marketing Cloud, are developing faster than ever before to create more innovative and efficient ways to engage with customers and support their increasing expectations. But tackling your marketing automation platform on your own can be a daunting task. In order to get going with any new technology, comprehensive training is a good starting point.

What to expect from Salesforce Marketing Cloud training

Every new Salesforce Marketing Cloud release includes features that enable more innovative engagement with your customers. In order to stay up to date with all these new features, constant learning is essential. Covering basic functionalities and best practices in our Salesforce Marketing Cloud training gives you as a marketing professional the tools to make the most out of your marketing technology and efforts.

Here are the most requested Salesforce Marketing Cloud training topics by marketeers that we naturally cover in our training.

Mastering Journey Builder

Journey Builder is undoubtedly the most requested topic for training. The tool is versatile and may seem complex at first, but mastering Journey Builder and Automation Studio and their capabilities will easily bump you up a few notches in your marketing automation.

With Journey Builder, you’re able to combine cross-channel experiences and deliver personalised content at every step of your customer’s lifecycle with campaign management. At the heart of all of your effective and real-time communication is your customer data.

Uncovering the importance of data

Presumably, you have massive amounts of different types of purchase, demographic or maybe web behaviour data of your customers. But instead of just gathering data, you should be putting the data to good use for better marketing. Our training course challenges you to think of the way you utilise your data and if there is room for improvement. Fairly often, our attendees have said that only during the course have they truly understood the importance of data.

The quality of data really matters, and it has a direct impact on the deliverable content, segmentation and personalisation. Consider it as a gentle reality check from an outsider’s perspective – you’re so used to your way of working that it could be refreshing to examine basics like data handling, analytics and managing your customers.

Preparing for Marketing Cloud Email Specialist exam

Maybe you’re looking into becoming Salesforce certified? The “Build and Analyze Customer Journeys using Marketing Cloud course” (commonly referred to as the MKT101 course) is an excellent base when preparing for your Marketing Cloud Email Specialist certification exam.

Even though commonly referred to as basic training, the MKT101 course is anything but basic. Comprehensive training provides you with valuable new skills to understand and execute data-driven communications to ensure the best customer experience.

The new course curriculum covers everything that customers tend to ask – paired with topics they might not yet know they should learn. Whether you are struggling with kicking things off, navigating the application or just looking for tips and tricks for some super tactics for your business, our expert trainers will assist you on your journey.

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