The New Age of Human-Centric Service is Here

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The 2019 Dreamforce week in San Francisco was full of interesting news from Salesforce and ISVs.

human centric service: salesforce omnichannelThis year, the Service Cloud and Field Service keynotes were aligned around human-centric service. According to Salesforce research, 86% of customers say that a positive emotional connection drives loyalty. With this in mind, Salesforce has taken a path to provide its customers with the tools they need to deliver these experiences at scale in any business they operate.

If you want to bring your customer service game to the next level, consider the following four pieces of advice from the Service Cloud keynote:

1. Put your customers at the centre

To achieve a human-centric approach, you need to reverse-engineer your service processes: start by understanding what your customers go through, what they need to do to get service and how your service should look, sound, and feel from their view. After this, think about what decisions, solutions, and processes you need to implement to make your customers’ vision of great service come true. And yes, It helps if you have a solid understanding of what your customers want instead of trying to figure it out on your own. Salesforce defines good service as personalised, reliable, and effortless.

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2. Support and empower employees

The way to do this is to realise that to support the customers; you need to understand that great customer service is not all about just implementing the latest technology. The key to providing great service is to listen to your employees and put them into the driving seat of defining what is needed. In the Service keynote, Southwest Airlines presented how they are successfully leveraging the latest features of the Service Cloud solution and how including employees in the process enabled their success.

3. Serve across any touchpoint

The future of human-centric service is all about providing meaningful one-to-one experiences for your customers and allowing your customers to receive great service via communication channels of their choice on any device they are using.

4. Lead with values

Your company’s values drive the behaviour of your employees. Empower them to make independent decisions to solve problems quickly, creatively and effectively without losing time trying to reach their managers. Also, inclusive workplaces make employees happy and more productive. For example, Bitty & Beau’s inclusive workplace culture ensures that every employee is treated fairly and provided with equal opportunities.

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Introducing Salesforce Voice

Capturing and working with cases is becoming even better with multi-channel support and Salesforce voice, which automatically transcribes your customer service calls from your CTI. With the power of Einstein AI, you can then analyse the calls as well as recognise the sentiment and key moments in each conversation with your customers. The automatic association of Knowledge articles against calls is a breeze since Service Cloud automatically proposes suitable information and user flows to serve the customer best.

Human-centric service: “Personal connection is the heart of great service”

Salesforce’s new vision of human-centric service links directly into the heart of field service. In the Field Service keynote, Salesforce brought how field service continues evolving from being a cost centre to being a platform driving customer value. Think about moving from traditional break-fix, install, and maintenance to upsell, predictive, and servitisation. To achieve a well-oiled digitalised field service organisation, consider the following:

  • Making your disconnected FSM processes connected
  • Providing your technicians easy to use mobile experiences
  • Keeping your customers up to date in the channels that matter to them the most

Understand the possibilities of the latest technology

The recent acquisitions of ClickSoftware and MapAnything (now called Salesforce Maps) will, in the future, add to the capabilities of Field Service Lightning by providing added FSM functionalities, such as Click and location services (e.g. showing your customers how far your technicians are and when they are arriving) by MapAnything. In addition, Salesforce continues adding new capabilities to FSL. For example, the FSL mobile extensibility is in the pilot phase on the roadmap.


human centric service: field service scheduling


With all these technological capabilities, it is important to understand your organisational maturity. Consider starting with addressing your fundamental needs first: getting visibility into your data and field service operations. After you have this step covered, you can start to think about increasing automation and optimisation as well as enhancing the ways how your field service technicians engage with your customers.

We are more than happy to guide you through these important steps to bring your customer service and field service capabilities to the next level. Feel free to contact us at Fluido to discuss more!

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