Volunteering with Salesforce in Stockholm’s archipelago

Our Fluido Superheroes Renzo Rodriguez and Ramanjaneya Reddy got an opportunity to participate in a charity event held by Salesforce and Releye.

In Fluido, we believe that ‘’Friends don’t let friends down,’’ meaning we are always ready to help one another. Together with our motto, ‘’Actions speak Clouder than words,’’ we focus on acting upon promises and embracing a mindset of always learning something new. This aligns with Salesforce’s unique culture and values that we are all bound together. We take care of each other and work together to make the world a better place, and that is precisely the idea behind this charity event.

VTO day in the archipelago

VTO, short for ‘’Volunteer Time Off’’, is a form of employees receiving regular compensation by volunteering for a charitable or community group. The Salesforce VTO Day started early at 8:30 am with a meeting of all the participants from Salesforce, Fluido, and Releye in Strömkajen, a ferry terminal located at the very heart of Stockholm.

“Our group travelled by boat to an island called Grinda in the Stockholm archipelago. The journey took us roughly two hours, which was a great opportunity for everyone to get to know each other. After arriving at Grinda, we were greeted by a farm owner Maria, who kindly received us with a cosy fika, a Swedish workplace tradition where people eat, drink and talk”, Renzo, a Business Analytics Consultant at Fluido, says.

Grinda is a charming, blissful nature reserve owned and managed by Archipelago Foundation.

After the warm welcome, the group’s chores at the farm started, from setting fences for placing cows to herding sheep to new places around the island. They were also painting cabin doors or chopping wood in the workshop.

“Our team worked hard together until 5 pm, when it was time for us to wrap up the day and take the last ferry back to Stockholm. It was a wonderful opportunity to connect with colleagues in Salesforce, understand their work and see how it connects with Fluido while helping the local community”, Renzo says.

“On a personal note, I liked this “living-as-a-Swedish-farmer” experience that I am trying to similarly coordinate with my family as well – get to know the archipelago and enjoy a good farming day outdoors.”


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