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The year is coming to an end but we have a few new Fluidians just starting their career with us. Starting a new job is an important milestone. You need to get to know a large group of new people, you need to contribute something of value and prepare for a whole new way of working. The first day may be exciting or scary, but however you experience it, it is always memorable. ​

We are always excited to get new colleagues. We want to focus on the first day and make that memorable day special. Every new Fluidian gets a Fluido Friend to help them through the first days. We also make sure that the values we hold so dear to our hearts at Fluido are encompassed from that very first day, and we carry them through in everything we do. I’ve gone and asked some new Fluidians how they feel about working at Fluido after a week or two. And this is what I got:

“It’s a great atmosphere here at Fluido, people are relaxed and helpful, and I already feel I have been for a long time here.”

“I changed careers completely, and coming to Fluido has been a jump into the unknown. The first days were easy, and now I’m just holding on to my hat and getting things done. I love my colleagues, and I love all the new things I’m learning.”

“Starting a new job is always exciting – both for the new responsibilities ahead but also because of the adaptation challenges. But at Fluido, this is done in an incredibly smooth way; everything is organised and done in such a way to guarantee that every new employee succeeds, and fast.”

“In my 25-year career, I have worked in many companies – including some of those huge multinationals – and I have never experienced such an efficient and energising onboarding process. From the very first day, you get the feeling of being part of the team, not just “another new employee lost in a new company”. This is something very unique about Fluido that is rarely found in other businesses these days.”

“Some keep asking me how am I doing with integration to Fluido culture. It’s amazing, but I don’t feel like I needed to “integrate”  – I’ve felt welcome and comfortable in the Fluido team from the first day! I believe that it was due to the fact that I have already met a few colleagues during the interviews, so on my first day at a job, I could skip a few introductions right to the “how have you been doing these couple last weeks?” ”

“After my first weeks at Fluido are behind me, and I can say that I have been super excited about being part of the Fluido team. The atmosphere is relaxed, friendly, open and supportive, which also helps us, newcomers, to start the work with customers and projects.”

“It has been very nice to see that even if we are busy, we can have fun and jokes are welcomed!”

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Pauliina Löytty

Head of People & Culture


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