Fluido Culture: An Evening under the Stars

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Iranian halva. Chinese dumplings. Italian tiramisu. Food brings people together, and for a special evening on the Fluido rooftop terrace, we came together not just to share food, but also to share something of ourselves and our cultures. With over 40 different nationalities in Fluido, we were in for a night of sensational tastes — from Indian sweet ladoo to Finnish grilled makkara sausage, there was something for everyone.

As the food vanished from plates, our appreciation and respect grew — and not just for each other’s cooking. We learned more about each other, with our talents and backgrounds as diverse as the dishes on offer. This is one of the nicest aspects of Fluido culture.

After we had indulged our senses in the evening’s feast, we shared stories of our home cultures and told tales of growing up in different countries. Then it was time to dance!

And of course, dancing isn’t the only way to work up a sweat at a party in Finland! ’Sauna’ is the only word that has been absorbed into the English language from Finnish, and it’s hardly a surprise. Sauna is such an important part of Finnish culture — not only do many private homes and apartments have a sauna, but most companies will too.

At Fluido, we have two saunas on our rooftop! The women can relax on one side, and the men on the other. For someone who hasn’t grown up with it, the idea of taking a sauna with your colleagues might seem a bit odd. But, it’s not a cultural phenomenon for nothing, and those brave enough to try something new can discover the magic of sauna camaraderie.

Sauna or not, we love to spend time together — and this evening on the rooftop feels particularly special. We’re building Fluido culture and our community, deepening relationships with our workmates, broadening our perspectives, strengthening our foundations for cooperation, and nurturing a sense of belonging. No matter where we’ve come from, at Fluido, we can feel at home.

This food-sharing evening has become something of a Fluido tradition at the Espoo office, but it’s not our only opportunity for our superheroes to share and celebrate our cultures, our ideas and perspectives. Throughout the year, we take part in other Fluido community events, and each helps us to grow personally as we discover the things that are the same between us, as well as the ways that we complement each other with our differences.

All this cross-cultural interaction builds our trust and respect for each other — and it benefits our creativity and cooperation too! Our diversity of experiences and backgrounds keeps our perspectives wide open, helping us to find innovative solutions to whatever challenges we’re working on for our customers.

The more we play together, the better we work together! And the more we embrace our unique culture at Fluido, the more it shines through in our happy people and our contented customers.

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Pauliina Löytty

Head of People & Culture


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