Fluido’s top picks for Dreamforce 2023

Dreamforce is bigger and better than ever, with over 1,500+ sessions packed full of innovation. Our experts picked their favourites from the event catalogue.

Salesforce recently published the Dreamforce sessions catalogue. Our Salesforce experts were keen to dig into its endless learning possibilities. And so this post was born: here are our top picks for Dreamforce.

When you find an exciting session, go to the catalogue and search for it with its name using the catalogue’s search function. You can then mark the session with the little heart symbol to find it again.

Financial services

How to Win in Wealth & Asset Management: Modernise Your Firm

Learn how Customer 360 enables wealth and asset management firms to power innovative experiences and accelerate productivity across the entire organisation.

Success in Asset Management: Salesforce & Customer 360

Learn how Salesforce and the power of Customer 360 can help enable asset management companies to control operational efficiency and deal management excellence.

3 Ways to Modernise the Retirement Customer Experience

Keep your clients! Learn how to create a modern customer experience for retirement account management leveraging Salesforce for Financial Services.


Education Keynote: Boost Student and Alumni Success with AI + Data + CRM

Discover how advancements in automation and artificial intelligence can enhance the personalisation and connectivity of education. Uncover strategies to enhance efficiency and cultivate meaningful experiences at each educational phase using trusted AI, unified data, and CRM solutions.

Customer Panel: Blazing a New Trail with Education Cloud

Hear from innovative education leaders who are embracing the transformed Education Cloud. Gain insights into their approaches to change management and their ambitious plans for providing interconnected learning experiences on a large scale.

Roundtable: Unified Data Strategy for Connected Experiences

Making smart use of data is a foundational element in transforming the university experience. There are limited seats, but it is recommended that you attend this roundtable. Engage with colleagues and acquire practical steps to elevate constituent experiences in entirely novel ways.


Sales Keynote (also available online in Salesforce+)

Accelerate Sales with Trusted AI. Learn how your entire sales organisation can boost productivity, harness data, and grow revenue with the #1 AI CRM for Sales.

AI in Sales

Sales AI: 5 Product Tips to Implement and Win

Does AI scare you? Don’t let it. Join us to go beyond the hype, as we unpack the AI tools that will reshape sales and share how your teams can start using them safely and securely today.

Trends in Generative AI for Sellers

Future of selling is all about AI. Hear how innovators and influencers are thinking, learning, and beginning to apply new capabilities to shape the future of selling.

About new Sales Cloud extensions

  • Sales Planning: Ditch Spreadsheets with the #1 AI CRM

A organisational sales plan built in pieces won’t stand the test of time. To succeed, you need an intuitive approach where the cross-functional teams work together on one comprehensive strategy.

  • Sales Enablement: Outcome-Based Programs Native to CRM

Salesforce has published new Sales Enablement product embedded directly in the CRM flow of work. Learn how to improve seller performance with Enablement and move the needle on key revenue outcomes.


Marketing Keynote: Marketing in Generation AI (Available online)

Generative AI is definitely a hot topic currently. It is inevitable that it will change the way marketers are working already now and in the future. It is important to stay up to date about the possibilities of generative AI from the very beginning.

Succeed Now with Data Cloud for Marketing

Data is one of the core elements of automated marketing and communication and enables companies to create personalised experiences for customers. I consider there to be remarkable benefits how Data Cloud can help marketers to get more out of their data: faster, easier and more efficiently. I recommend to stay up to date with the core functionalities and benefits of Data Cloud and this session will provide you with basic information for that from a marketer’s point of view.

What’s the “Big Idea”? Key Trends in Marketing

It is sometimes easy to lose sight of the big picture of marketing when we are so busy with the daily operations. However, customer behaviour and expectations are changing fast and as marketers we need to be able to adjust our tactics and direction to meet those expectations. When we understand the current trends and possibilities in marketing, it can help us to find more innovative ways to engage and interact with our customers.

Breaking Barriers: Empowering Omni-Channel Experiences

Learn about the key components required to create an end-to-end omni-channel buying experience that delivers a frictionless and personalised journey to inspire, engage, convert, and retain customers.

It is still relevant to talk about the omni-channel experience. Not just the marketing channels but all the customer touchpoints. It is a key place where strategy and technology really can be combined.

Personalise Your Customer Relationships with Data Cloud

While the datapoints we get can be different it hasn’t gotten old. We need to find the right way to communicate and engage our clients across the Customer Lifecycle. Getting inspiration and find your own way of applying that is key.

Innovate Experiences and Drive Growth with Data Cloud and AI

Tapping into AI is crucial but for what. Understand how it supports the strategic initiatives is just as important as understanding the technology. This session gives you how AI and automation are accelerating Data Cloud implementations and CRM platform integrations, creating a foundation for Generative AI, to enable innovative customer experiences and growth.

CPQ & Billing

Revenue Cloud Roadmap: Product-to-Cash on #1 AI CRM

Preview the vision for revenue lifecycle management on the Salesforce platform and how the products will be developed around CPQ, billing and contract lifecycle management

Grow Recurring Revenue with Subscription and Usage Products

We definitely see revenue models like subscriptions and usage as the future. Here you can learn more about how other companies have adapted this model and succeeded with it.

Omni-Channel Product Configuration: Sell More Across Channels

Efficient omni-channel sales also for complex products is something many are asking for, e.g. in the manufacturing industry. Learn how you can sell configurable products, software, and services across channels with advanced configuration engines like

Service Cloud

Service Keynote: Reimagine Service for the AI Era

It is always good to attend the Keynote. It sets the tone for the event and gives you an insight into where Salesforce is concentrating their efforts this year.

Is Your Customer Service Data Strategy Ready for AI?

AI is pushing the boundaries of how customer service is delivered but without good data the value of AI will not be realised. Don’t fall into the AI magical wand trap.

Unlock Savings with AI, Automation, and Self-Service in Tech

With new technology comes hesitation. How can we use it, what are the pitfalls and what ROI will we see? Watch this event to understand how AI is bringing value to companies.

Digital Transformation with Salesforce

What are the topic picks for anyone interested in delivery and implementation approach

5 Elements of Successful Digital Transformation 

Achieving value realisation requires new ways of thinking and working. Salesforce Professional Services will provide an interactive session to learn the Salesforce proven framework for accelerating success.

Driving Efficiencies and Productivity with Your Investments

With the times of tight budgets and efficiency improvement initiatives a topic related to productivity could not be any more relevant. This interactive session on how to make the most of your existing Salesforce investments to deliver better employee and customer experiences with AI + Data is one of the definite picks for the agenda.

How to Scale for a Future of Innovation and Agility

Wondering how other organisations scale so quickly with innovation? I would propose you to join Petrobras and Salesforce Professional Services to learn how you can accelerate your own business for growth with agility.

Dreamforce Main Keynote

And even if you are not going to Dreamforce this year you can always login to Salesforce+ and watch the Dreamforce Main Keynote to have a peak on what are the big themes and innovations Salesforce is buzzing about as CEO Marc Benioff takes the stage with special guests on Tue Sep 12th at 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM GMT+3.

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