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While the Nordics have enjoyed the warmest and sunniest summer in memory, we have worked really hard with the Infosys team to make a dream come true - to create the path for Fluido 4.0! Today we announced the exciting news that Fluido will be joining the Infosys group to be the spearhead of their Salesforce services delivery in Europe.

Our journey here

We founded Fluido in 2010 with the goal of becoming the #1 salesforce partner in Finland. The customers were in dire need of a company like us to invest in the market, to deliver game-changing services and to create customer success. Looking back, this was Fluido 1.0. When we reached this goal, we set our sights on Fluido 2.0 – a leading Salesforce services provider with customers in all Nordic countries. In 2015 we reached the Platinum partnership level with Salesforce, and the investment from the CapMan Growth -fund and Salesforce Ventures laid the foundation and created the path for what we are today. Fluido 3.0 is one of the fastest growing teams enabling transformational customer success in the Salesforce ecosystem and the leading Salesforce partner in the Nordics employing 240 experts in customer experience and Salesforce technology.

The opportunity for today’s enterprises is enormous as we are moving full speed in the era of the customer powered by the digital wave. As our customer engagements have grown substantially, to even a global level, taking our team, scale and delivery model to the next level while maintaining our agility has become very evident. With Infosys, we are able to respond to these market demands. We are now ready for Fluido 4.0 – the leading European customer success and Salesforce specialist operating globally to deliver outstanding digital customer experiences for international clients. We will see the Fluido team go to places we have not been before with new offerings, learning opportunities and market expansion.

The perfect match

When we were learning about each other with the Infosys team, each time we discussed the mutual opportunity to help our customers, the temptation to join forces became more and more compelling. Today our organisations have minimal geographical overlap, and the offerings from both sides complement each other perfectly. While Fluido delivers measurable business results to customers and unique company culture to its employees, Infosys brings a broader set of capabilities and an extensive global reach.

We will maintain Fluido as a team and brand, and now we have an amazing global talent pool available for our customers in Europe and globally. With the Infosys investment in Digital Studios globally and their previous acquisitions of Brilliant Basics and WONGDOODY, the Fluido team and our customers will have an amazing opportunity to grow and create unique customer experiences across Europe.  

Our focus is Salesforce

Our vision is to Bring Customer Data to Life. Until now, our focus has been solely on Salesforce-based solutions. Moving forward, we will remain true to our heart and passion in Salesforce, and we will continue to maintain our leadership position in Europe. Working with Infosys will give our vision a holistic approach, and their expertise and services will help our customers increase efficiency and insight by automating their core systems powered by AI, creating seamless integrations across systems and truly transforming the way businesses connect with their customers.

Fluido culture and values

Fluido has always been about people, and we have a unique culture and values embraced by our employees, customers and partners. Our values drive our daily behaviour and help us work and respect each other. Going forward, we want to maintain this. I have also learned that Infosys shares the same passion for customers, people and continuous learning as Fluido.  Together with the Infosys teams, we will be in a unique position to help our customers seize the opportunity of the digital wave in the Nordics, Europe and globally.

Finally, I would like to thank Fluido customers, partners and employees who have gotten us to this significant milestone. Together we all have great opportunities ahead of us.

We are riding the Digital Wave at a significant moment in history!

Kai Mäkelä


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