Fluido Favorites: Summer’18

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The Salesforce Summer’18 release is out, and we are back with our most favorite features of it! Don’t forget to check the full release notes to get the full overview.

On a GDPR note:

Make Users’ Personal Data Unusable by Salesforce at Their Request
You can now completely scramble and anonymise customer data inside your Salesforce by calling System.UserManagement.obfuscateUser Apex method. It could be useful if a customer requests their data to be completely wiped.

Some other great enhancements:

Full content push notifications – a great enhancement to the mobile app!

Report Builder in Lightning! While it might still feel quite like the first release, it now offers a much-improved user interface, gets rid of changing the summary/matrix report formats, and looks a lot more modern. There are also (finally!) subfolders in report folders.

Mass quick actions! This feature enhances editing multiple records in a list view.

Campaign, Queue, Territory, Team Filters in List Views. A great enhancement that brings a useful classic feature to Lightning!

A simple thing with a great impact – since Summer’18 now supports inline editing of related picklist values, one can finally make a Sales Path with Lost Reason!

Einstein Next Best Action: Use Strategies to Recommend Actions and Offers
This new feature allows you to integrate business rules, predictive models, and data—both inside and outside of Salesforce—to deliver the right offer at the right moment to the right person.

Marketing Cloud Summer’18 Release Highlights:

The June 2018 Marketing Cloud and Social Studio releases occur on June 23, 2018.

Advertising Studio: Integration with LinkedIn. Activate your CRM data on the world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn. Use Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Pardot data to make LinkedIn advertising more effective.

DMP + Email Studio: Bidirectional Email Activation – lets you use and enrich data between the systems and create and activate audiences in different channels (e.g. in emails, on a website, in display advertising).

Journey Folders: Store journeys in folders, so they’re easy to find. You can organise your journeys immediately after creating and saving them. Or add journeys to folders from the Journey Builder dashboard at any time.

Litmus Preview Integration: Litmus Email Previews lets you preview your email across 70+ browsers, devices, and clients. With it, you can access previews of Marketing Cloud emails directly inside the email creation flow. This enables you to easily create, preview, and test Content Builder emails across multiple email clients.

Some favourites in Summer ’18 for Lightning development:

Debug mode can now be set as user-specific (currently, it’s org-wide).

Component Library is now available at or in each org https://<myDomain>

A bunch of new and modified base components have been added!

aura:waiting,doneWaiting,doneRendering events are deprecated. See more:

Some interesting features of the new Apex classes’ methods in Summer ’18:

One can now get RecordType Developer Name from Schema without doing SOQL.
For communities, a passwordless login method now exists.

Apex is getting a Switch statement in Summer ’18!


That’s it for now; we hope you will enjoy these new features and enhancements for Salesforce CRM and other products as much as we do!

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