“From the very beginning, it was clear that we put people first”

Happy employees make happy customers. Investing in well-being at work also pays off in terms of business.

Fluido has received outstanding results in their development of well-being at work. The success is based on innovative services, smart prevention and modern cooperation with occupational health and insurance partners.

Fluido has different methods that they use to improve well-being at work. And they pay for themselves in many different ways.

“None of our employees has ever had to receive a disability pension. I can immediately think of a couple of situations where the situation would probably have been entirely different without our preventive methods,” says Pauliina Löytty, Head of People and Culture at Fluido.

Investing in employee well-being

Fluido’s excellent results in employee well-being are neither accidental nor self-evident. Finnish companies have yet to grow and internationalise at the same pace. What started as a start-up in Espoo in 2010 is now an international company with 500 Salesforce experts in nine different countries.

Löytty says that the critical factor of success is investing in the well-being of employees.

“From the very beginning, it was clear that we put people first. It has always been at the core of our operations. The most important thing for us is that people feel well, but business and productivity also benefit from a staff that is well. Investing in well-being at work also pays off in terms of business,” says Löytty.

This is the right thing to do, above all, from a human point of view, but investing in good occupational health services is also economically more advantageous than paying the costs of sickness absences and, at worst, disability pensions.

“Investing in occupational health and the ability to work pays off in so many ways. That is exactly what organisations should invest in now,” For us, when we look at statistics, many of our Löytty states.

Long term commitment

Well-being at work has been developed at Fluido in a systematic way and with long-term vision. One of the keys to success has been close cooperation with occupational health, pension and insurance companies in Finland, where modern operating methods and innovative services have been developed. The focus is on preventive measures.

“The earlier the problems are tackled, the easier it is to overcome them. When there are services that support the employee early on, it is possible to get by completely without sick leave,” Löytty reminds.

Hanna Viia, HR Manager in Finland, says that they want to keep the threshold for using the services low:

“You can make an appointment for occupational health services directly yourself.  She says it has been made as easy as possible, and all services are reimbursed.”

In addition to traditional occupational health services, support is available for promoting one’s health, for example, in the areas of nutrition, sleep and exercise.

In addition to working on these programs in Finland, I have had the chance to take our Finnish know-how to our other countries and we have actually received excellent feedback from local professionals. Some people are surprised that things can be handled so well, and i am really proud of what we do as a global team,  says Löytty.

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