The illusion of AI readiness: why your company might be living in a fantasyland

So, do you think you're ready for AI? Bless your optimistic heart. The buzz around Artificial Intelligence is so loud it's drowning out the voice of reason. But let's cut through the noise and fairy-tale narratives to talk about why your company might be living in a fantasyland when it comes to AI readiness.

The Allure of AI: The Siren’s Song

Ah, the allure of AI—so seductive, it should come with its own warning label. You hear “AI,” and you’re already daydreaming about skyrocketing profits and viral customer engagement. Welcome to the ‘Magic Wand Syndrome,’ where AI is the wizard, and you think you’re in Hogwarts. Spoiler alert: You’re not.

Common Misconceptions and Fallacies

The Plug-and-Play Fallacy: Your Misguided Fairy Godmother Thinking you can just plug AI into your existing system is like expecting a fairy godmother to make you a CEO overnight. It doesn’t work that way, Cinderella. AI needs planning, integration, and—yes, let’s say it—actual work.

Data Denial: The Emperor’s New Clothes You think you can build an AI system with shoddy data? That’s like the Emperor strutting around believing he’s fully clothed when he’s actually naked. Let’s not kid ourselves; garbage in, garbage out.

Ethical and Legal Bypass: Playing with Fire Ignoring ethics and legality in the AI game is like playing with fire while doused in gasoline. GDPR and CCPA are not gentle giants; they’re sleeping dragons that will burn your castle down if you ignore them.

The Reality Check: Your AI Readiness Reality Show Before you declare yourself the winner of the “AI’s Next Top Model” contest, you need a reality check, also known as an AI Readiness Assessment. This isn’t a quiz you can cram for; it’s an existential questioning of your organisation’s very soul.

  • Data Infrastructure: Do you even data, bro?
  • Technical Expertise: Got geeks?
  • Security Measures: Because hackers don’t take vacations.
  • Privacy Compliance: GDPR would like to have a word with you.
  • Accountability Structures: Who’s your AI babysitter?

Key Takeaways: The Hard Pills to Swallow

  1. Education and Awareness: Stop living in La La Land. Educate your troops about what AI can and cannot do.
  2. Ethical Guidelines and Governance: Put together a council of AI wizards. Yes, you need a Dumbledore for this mission.
  3. Regular Audits and Updates: AI is a diva that needs constant attention. Keep it in check, or it’ll become your organisation’s own little Frankenstein.


Ready to wake up from your AI fantasy? Good. Artificial Intelligence offers mind-blowing possibilities, but diving in without a reality check is like skydiving without a parachute—you might enjoy the free fall, but the landing will be anything but pleasant.

Sonny Lundqvist

Solution Architect

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