Webinar recording: Creating success with contract-based sales and CPQ

Are you struggling with time-consuming manual work in constructing your frame agreements? Or does your scattered and error-prone contract process with a lack of intelligence and automation lead to missed out renewals and lack of pipeline visibility? Even though you don’t really configure any products, have even a single price in the system, or do any quoting — CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) can still be the solution to streamlining your sales operations challenges!

There are a vast amount of different advantages CPQ can provide, which is also why it is one of the hottest topics around CRM right now! One of the greatest powers of CPQ is the ability to connect and link functions inside a scattered process and automate manual steps to improve quality and efficiency. By bringing guidance and control and linking business functions together, CPQ can streamline the whole Lead to Cash process.

In our recording of this webinar, together with Salesforce and Finnair, you will learn:

  • The main challenges of managing contracts and related processes and how you can address these
  • How can you streamline your contract lifecycle management using CPQ with Renewals and Amendments for up-/ cross-sales
  • How customers like Finnair use CPQ to streamline their frame agreements and B2B sales process.

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