Fluido Manufacturing Forum: Speed of Change

Fluido Manufacturing Forum: Speed of Change

Manufacturers’ future viability depends on learning to think and act like digital natives. As the speed of digital change increases, there is a need for new, more agile strategies.

90 percent of manufacturers say that the global pandemic affected their business as a whole. At the same time, the speed of technological change is ever-increasing, demanding manufacturers to act fast to keep pace with changing customer demands, technology and competition.

Fluido Manufacturing Forum: Speed of Change event drills into why and how manufacturers need to keep up with the fast-changing world. Join us to hear experts from Uponor, Salesforce, Infosys, Fluido and Simplus that will discuss:

  • How the future trends – especially speed of change – affect manufacturing
  • How to adapt to rapid changes and increase business agility
  • How to accelerate technological development
  • How Uponor unified global teams fast on one platform with Salesforce and Fluido

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