Fluido 5.0 rapid expansion to Europe and leadership changes

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The future opportunity

What an exciting future we see ahead of us! While there still is a level of uncertainty with the global pandemic, we have seen the spirits go up within all the regions Fluido operates in, as the societies have tackled the virus in a unified manner. I am thankful for how the Fluido team, supported by the global force of Infosys, has stuck together, taken care of each other and continued to drive customer success. Fluido is now in a stronger position than ever to help our customers take on the digitalisation opportunities that the new normal has accelerated. Actionable data and insights data provide to help create unique and amazing customer experiences at scale. We bring customer data to life!

Kai is leaving his role as the CEO of Fluido and continues as an Advisor to Fluido and Infosys

I have been the leader of this team for the last 11 years. Supported by the wonderful and tireless management team, country leaders, and all the fellow Fluido Superheroes. I could never have dreamt of a more passionate and dedicated team of colleagues than the Fluido Crew has been, including those that have moved on to new careers. We have gone forward at an unprecedented speed. The values and the culture every Fluidian has cultivated have shaped Fluido into who we are today. A Team of Superheroes caring for each other, supporting each other’s growth, and ensuring customer success. In the last three years, we have been fortunate to be part of the Infosys Family. Fluido 4.0, with this partnership, has taken Fluido to new horizons, to new countries, and to new customer opportunities, we could not dream of prior to joining Infosys. When I made the decision to step down from the role of CEO and become an Advisor for Fluido, it felt like an easy one. Who would need me when we have a team of over 380 professionals forming a cohesive group? Now, as we get closer to me stepping down I still know in my heart that I have made the right decision for all involved, myself, my family, Fluido and Infosys. But…the easy decision has become the most difficult experience ever. These weeks have been a total emotional roller coaster. I am thankful, I am grateful, and I am blessed to have had the opportunity to work with all of you!

Kai Mäkela and Thomas Johanson

In 2013 as “young men”, little did we know how far the Fluido team would go

Thomas Johanson appointed as the new CEO, effective July 15th, 2021

Now I am passing on the torch to Thomas Johanson! Looking back to the success Fluido has achieved, Thomas has been a true example for the rest of us with his passion, drive for success, and care for the team. His ability to see the big picture, go into the details, care for the customers, and pride in the team is second to none. In many ways, we are just in the beginning. As we are creating Fluido 5.0, looking towards the future horizons and what lies ahead, I could not see anyone who would be better equipped to take on this opportunity to navigate the Fluido Crew and Infosys Salesforce team in Europe. Thank you, Thomas, for all the years together! You now carry the torch; our values and the culture are guiding you as you are at the helm, taking us forward!

Perspectives from Thomas Johanson

“Remember to be ready for something unexpected to happen,” advised a sailing legend before I started my Volvo Ocean Race round-the-world journey. That was what came to my mind when Kai told us about his plans. First, I would like to thank Kai on behalf of the whole Fluido crew for your exceptional leadership during the last 10+ years. You always have a smile on your face and look forward. You are warm, easy to approach, and have time for everybody. That’s why you have been much more than a CEO for so many Fluidians. You will be missed, and we Fluidians will embrace your legacy of driving diversity, equality, customer success, and our values. I am honoured and excited by the opportunity to take the torch and lead Fluido 5.0 European expansion going forward. We have demonstrated we are on the right track. We have fantastic people in all countries, and I could not be more proud of what the team does for our customers and how they care for their colleagues. Our leaders in the countries, management team, and all Fluidians live and breathe our core values. This is the base for whatever we do. I have always felt that we have an obligation to help our customers to be more competitive and get value faster from their digital transformations. This is only possible by continuous learning, agility, and being one step ahead. Our team of superheroes will continue to do that with passion.

I have seen our team create innovative solutions so many times as the first in Europe and now, with Simplus and Infosys assets, we will be even better positioned to drive customer value. I also want to thank our customers for their trust. It has not been the easiest 18 months, and I believe we have shown true partnership and flexibility to get through these times. The world is finally opening, and we can soon get back to normal.

We will continue to bring our thought leadership to the European Salesforce ecosystem and work hard to be the most respected Salesforce partner. We will also need new superheroes to join the rapidly growing team in all of our markets. Kai, you can take it easy. Our management team and all Fluidians will make you feel proud and have fun while doing it. After 10+ years of working very closely with you, Kai, I feel confident and excited to lead Fluido’s European expansion and have you as our advisor.

Reflections from Indranil Mukherjee, Senior Vice President, Head of Global Salesforce Practice, Infosys

Kai, when I met with you for the first time on the sidelines of Dreamforce 2017, it was a very positive impression. I took away from that meeting and felt some kind of connection with your open & cheerful personality, your clarity of thought & purpose and your strong ownership & passion for the people-centric Fluido culture. Our joint vision of creating a market-leading Salesforce business was the foundational bedrock of Fluido and Infosys coming together; it’s been a great partnership since then. All our interactions have been personally enriching for me; you always brought in alternative views and worked hard to drive the business and protect Fluido and Infosys’ interests in the market. I have learnt a lot from our regular interactions; you always questioned the status quo and had alternate options and views, which demonstrated the passion with which you look at the business and deliver outcomes.

While last year because of the pandemic, the situation was tough for us, Infosys still ended up with industry-leading growth in the IT services space globally, and we are committed on that journey towards becoming the most respected Salesforce service provider and among the top three leaders in Europe. On behalf of the global Salesforce practice and Infosys, I would like to thank you for being a true partner and leader and your family for their support. Thomas, as you take on the helm from Kai, my best wishes on your new role; we are all together with you in this exciting journey!

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