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Nature is finally getting green, and the weather sometimes even allows us to leave our jackets at home – and that’s a clear sign of summer being on its way even up in the North! And that means Salesforce Summer ‘15 Release is coming as well! We have collected here our consultants’ and developers’ favourites from the release notes.

Simple Features and General Enhancements to Improve Effectiveness

  • Data Loader has been finally made available for Mac users! Our Mac users are thrilled about this!
  • An old feature which is now available for all! Administrators Can Log In As Any User” setting will be available to all Salesforce orgs. Administrators will no longer need to open a case with Customer Support to make this setting available. This is great for troubleshooting!
  • Probably one of the tiniest improvements, but anyone doing lead management will join the celebrations on this one. The “Use active assignment rule” tickbox can be made default = TRUE on the page layout! You can now force (easily) active lead assignment rules to kick in!
  • Salesforce Console for Sales – easy access to Sales Intelligence
  • Omni-Channel sounds promising & interesting!
  • Campaign Read/Write Access for Partners – this is important to remember when building marketing automation integrations.

Flow Improvements

It keeps getting better. With flow, there are a few new favourite features.

  • You can now verify Picklist and Multi-Select Picklist Values in your Flow
  • You can Reference Global Variables in your Flow
  • Visual Workflow now also supports a subset of Salesforce global variables. Reference a global variable to access information about your organisation or the user who’s running flow without using a query.
  • And finally, you can see the Path That a Flow Interview Took Before It Failed (Beta)

Process Builder Enhancements 
The User Interface improvements in the Process Builder are just icing on the cake. We are excited about getting to use formulas and date functions in the Process Builder, and when they top it off by adding the option of filtering which records to update – Christmas is coming early this year.

Lightning App Builder
With the Lightning app builder, both developers and business users can build user interfaces for their applications. And whatever you build will work on both your desktop and mobile devices.
What we find interesting in this release is the possibility of getting components for it from AppExchange.

Salesforce1 –  Improvements for People on the Move
Working on the go just got improved.

  • Create Tasks from Notes with a Swipe (Beta)
  • Sales representatives on the go can convert qualified leads to contacts, as well as create accounts and opportunities.
  • This last one is more for the admin. You can now assign a different set of actions in the Salesforce1 mobile app then you have in Salesforce.

Collaborative Forecasts
Now, you can choose between two methods of rolling up opportunities into forecasts for your sales teams.

  • The original method rolls up the opportunities from each individual forecast category into separate forecast amounts for each category.
  • The new method rolls up opportunities from more than one forecast category into cumulative forecast amounts.

Chatter Enhancements
We use chatter all the time, and these are welcome new features. We can now:

  • Edit Feed Posts and Comments after posting
  • Enable Feed Post Editing in Custom Profiles
  • Report on Record Feeds in the Chatter Dashboards Package

Favorite Picks by Consultants

  • With just a few clicks, you can add any existing report chart to a console component so that users can see relevant charts next to records without clicking a thing.
  • Email Feed Items Now Display HTML Formatting and Inline Images. The plain text emails and images shown as attachments are history!
  • Transfer a Workspace with a Chat Transfer or Conference
  • In the Live Agent, when an agent transfers a chat or starts a conference, any records attached to the chat transcript will now open in the other agent’s workspace when another agent accepts the chat. Thanks to this, the agent doesn’t need to search for related records but can instead start assisting the customer immediately!

Some of our Developers Favorites

  • Now you’re able to track the Apex Transactions and therefore monitor occurrences of non-zero governor limits in your organisation with the Apex Limit Events (Pilot)
  • Match Production Licenses to a Sandbox without a Refresh:
  • Matching updates sandbox license counts to match the counts in production, adds licenses that are in production but not in sandbox and deletes licenses that aren’t in production.
  • I like Custom Metadata Types a lot! Finally, you are able to create configurations (like custom settings but on a higher metadata level) that contains metadata only, which is deployable using change sets. Traditional custom settings + data records are NOT!

Let us know what your favourite features are by commenting on the blog or sharing it on Social Media!

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