Fluido’s top picks for Dreamforce 2022

Dreamforce is bigger and better than ever, with over 1000 sessions. Our experts picked their favourites from the event catalogue.

Salesforce recently published the Dreamforce 2022 sessions catalogue. Our Salesforce experts were keen to dig into its endless learning possibilities. And so this post was born: here are our top picks for Dreamforce.

When you find an exciting session from the list below, go to the catalogue and search for it with its name using the catalogue’s search function. You can then bookmark the session to find it again.


Service Cloud

3-Step Strategy for Cost-Efficient Service Transformation

Customer service leaders are always looking to increase efficiency and improve customer experience. Visit this session to learn more about automation and efficiency in Salesforce.

Circle of Success: Empower Customers with Communities

In the era of self-service, communities are a powerful tool to support that strategy. See how communities can provide a self-service experience for your customers, which in turn allows you to become a more efficient operation

Circle of Success: Supercharge Customer Service

With more channels available to provide for your customers, it is good to align these channels with processes and a holistic strategy. Learn the best practices around these channels

Digitise the Contact Centre

Participate if you want to take your contact centre to the next level. This session is worth a look at whatever stage you are at in your digitalisation journey.


Financial Services

How to Win in Wealth & Asset Management: Modernise Your Firm

Learn how Customer 360 enables wealth and asset management firms to power innovative experiences and accelerate productivity across the entire organisation.

Success in Asset Management: Salesforce & Customer 360

Learn how Salesforce and the power of Customer 360 can help enable asset management companies to control operational efficiency and deal management excellence.

3 Ways to Modernise the Retirement Customer Experience

Keep your clients! Learn how to create a modern customer experience for retirement account management leveraging Salesforce for Financial Services.

Energy and Utilities

How PETRONAS Delivers Vision to Value with Customer 360

It is always valuable to hear real-life experiences and lessons learnt from your industry peers. In this session, you have a chance to learn how global energy and solutions provider PETRONAS is partnering with Salesforce experts on a cross-business transformation to deliver exceptional customer experience, innovation, and growth.

The Future of Energy & Utilities: An Agile Energy Transition

The ongoing transformation in the energy segment is forcing everyone in the market to rethink the current business modes. Companies succeeding are those practively building strategies and operations based on customer orientation. The energy transition is the biggest opportunity in 100+ years. In this session you will see how companies are aligning with customers and creating bold, agile, and resilient business models that drive value with Salesforce.

5 Elements for Speed-to-Value and Long-Term Success

“Speed is the new currency of business,” says Marc Benioff, and never before has the speed of business been this fast. It is critical for any business development initiative to ensure fast value creation while keeping a clear focus for future success enablers. Thus getting the most from your technology investment requires new ways of thinking and working. Lear what are the 5 elements of the Salesforce Way, the framework for long-term success and speed-to-value.


Build a Single Source of Truth with Customer Data Platform

Unified data is the key to building engaging digital experiences for the education institution of the future. You need a single source of truth to drive engagement.

How We Reimagined Our SIS: Two Perspectives

Some institutions are looking into the traditional role of CRM and SIS in the technology landscape of the modern education institution. What they are finding is that in some ways, the two overlap, and you could even do with potentially one technology for both requirements. It will be very interesting to see how this develops going forward.

Learner Success Trailblazers Panel Discussion: Student 360

Student experience and lifelong learning are very important topics in the industry and the selection of panellists promises a very interesting discussion. I personally cannot wait to hear what others are doing in this area.


Revenue Intelligence for Managers

Sales managers need visibility into team performance for every KPI. Learn how Revenue Intelligence helps you monitor business health, dive into rep performance, and act with precision.

Scale Smarter Customer Service with CRM Analytics

Learn how companies exceed customer expectations using CRMA to bring Computer Telephony Integrations and survey data into the analytics data store for real-time dashboard views, updated every 20 minutes.

Elevate Your Reporting with CRM Analytics

Stop struggling with dashboards, spreadsheets, and fragmented data. Learn about CRM Analytics and how to get organisational buy-in to gain powerful reporting capabilities and org-wide insights.


Revenue Cloud, CPQ and Salesforce Industries

Accelerate Communications Sales Through Automation

Stabilise, simplify, automate. Learn how a CSP is taking action to reinvent and modernise its Salesforce implementation, simplifying processes and driving up sales productivity.

Connecting the Manufacturing Value Chain

Get on the fastest path to digital transformation. Discover how your manufacturing peers are integrating innovative tools to increase their productivity and efficiency.

Everyone’s Pipeline Is Leaking. Learn How to Fix Yours

45% of businesses know they lose revenue because of revenue leakage. 55% do the same without realizing it. Learn how you can find and fix revenue leaks to unleash your sales growth, q-o-q.

How Automation from Quote to Cash Builds Business Resilience

Now’s a pretty good time to focus on cash flow. Learn best practices for connecting data and processes across the customer lifecycle, and how they power better billing.

How Salesforce Does Order-to-Cash on 1.6M+ Transactions

We share the lessons on how we built the RevOps team and infrastructure, and how customers can follow the path we blazed to create their own fully automated order-to-cash system.

How to Achieve Competitive Retail Energy Sales Excellence

Learn about an energy company’s initiative to improve its retail competitiveness through digital investment in an integrated B2C and B2B sales platform.


Activate First-Party Data and Create Loyal Consumers

With the changes in access to data it is all about the first-party data, but what do you do when you actually have it. Your consumers are looking for unique and tailor-made experiences. Hear from top consumer goods brands on how they are utilising first-party data to improve marketing ROI and retain key consumers.

Behind 11.11: The World’s Largest Online Shopping Festival

Get behind the scenes and be inspired. Learn about the retail innovation, digital technologies & brand loyalty techniques Alibaba Cloud uses to power this global phenomenon featuring over 290,000 brands and 900 million Chinese consumers.

Connect Marketing and Commerce with Digital Intelligence

Marketing is not an Island. It is all about driving growth. This is why the connection with the commerce/sales teams is critical. Learn how marketing and e-commerce teams leverage digital intelligence to collaborate, share business objectives, and build and optimise seamless, personalised, digital experiences that drive growth.

Forrester: Trends in Marketing Moments

Always good to understand what might be ahead to navigate the business environment. Brands face constant change with changing customer expectations, shifts in privacy management, and new technology. Forrester shares insight on marketing trends and the keys to creating moments.

Automate Real-Time Personalisation

Customers have become more demanding in their expectations of personalised content, service and experiences. Learn how Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help you as a marketeer to provide real-time personalised experiences for your customers.

How to develop a next-generation marketing team

Efficient use of modern marketing automation technologies requires right skills and processes from the organisation. Join this thought leadership session to get ideas on how to build a productive marketing team.

Marketing that delivers, moments that count

Expectations for marketing’s contribution to customer experience and ROI are high. Learn how you can build a marketing technology ecosystem that enables meaningful moments for your customers.

Personalise the Full Customer Relationship with Next-Gen CDP

Unified customer data strategy and real customer 360 view are crucial elements for the creation of meaningful moments for your customers. Learn how you can do this using the Next-Gen Customer Data Platform solution.


The suggested manufacturing tracks were chosen to look at the manufacturing enterprise as a whole and see what innovative possibilities can be achieved in this industry sector. Salesforce platform is the foundation to manage the customer and partner lifecycle and create an extended digital enterprise.

An Introduction to Manufacturing Cloud

Discover Salesforce’s purpose-built platform for manufacturing. See how to unite opportunities with demand forecasts, serve customers/distributors faster, and bring AI insights to daily operations. Manufacturing Cloud is bridging the gap between Sales & Operations Planning giving insight on how to optimise delivery, sub-contractors and suppliers. The combination of opportunity, project and sales agreement-based business gives a transparent way to plan, align and run your business faster and accurately.

Connecting the Manufacturing Value Chain

Get on the fastest path to digital transformation. Discover how your manufacturing peers are integrating innovative tools to increase their productivity and efficiency.

Digital to the Core: A Johnson Controls Transformation Story

Learn how Johnson Controls and its Salesforce team are working together to create growth platforms, drive operational improvements, and instil a high-performance culture. JC over the years has been an early adopter of digital transformation and platforms. The track brings together three goals that we see all manufacturing customers aspire to: growth, operational excellence and high-performance as a culture.

Merging Businesses and Operations in Today’s Complex Market

Learn how one leading tech company is leveraging Salesforce to bring together its portfolio of companies, people, and data so that it can transform the way the world works. This track sheds some thoughts and ways to truly make Salesforce the enterprise-wide business platform.

Rethink Supply Chain Management with a Digital Supply HQ

The supply chain vulnerabilities have been covered in the media recently and the manufacturing industry needs innovative ways to manage supply chains and networks to form a “dynamic” business ecosystem in the future. Volkswagen is one of the speakers in this track.

Reduce ERP Reliance: Reimagine Your Front and Back Office

Open collaboration between your front office and back office? That’s the holy grail. Learn how to automate processes from service contracts to invoicing, and why it transforms the customer experience. This track raises a topic that most manufacturing and automotive companies face, their core system is ERP but at the same time, it is slowing digitalisation adoptions.


The Future of Manufacturing & Auto: Connect the Value Chain

Digital-first future demands personalised and unified experiences. Learn how leaders are driving the future of work by transforming the way they connect with customers, partners, and one another.

Introducing Salesforce’s New Automotive Innovations

Be among the first to learn about our latest solution for vehicle manufacturers, dealers, and finance groups. See the solution in action, and get a sneak peek at upcoming releases. Innovations are the motors that drive leadership and therefore an interesting track to learn from.

Drive New Auto Revenue Streams Through Connected Vehicles

With connected vehicle technology enabling software-activated features and telemetry data-driven services, new revenue streams are emerging. But beware of customer backlash.

Delivering Sales Excellence & C360 with Manufacturing Cloud

Learn how Cummins & TCS have re-imagined customer & channel experience through guided selling, quoting, C360 contextual engagement, differentiated partner experience & digitising rebates management. This track shows how Manufacturing Cloud can be applied to the automotive industry.

Drive New Auto Revenue Streams Through Connected Vehicles

With connected vehicle technology enabling software-activated features and telemetry data-driven services, new revenue streams are emerging. But beware of customer backlash. The emergence of smart and connected product-service systems are seen as the basis for sustainable business growth, but the technology-driven view can cause economic, social and environmental challenges that are not foreseen. This track can provide insight on how to create new revenue streams that have value propositions that future customers and partners understand.

Overcoming Talent Shortages: A Case Study by Bentley

Talent shortages affect many industries. Discover Bentley’s strategy to meet this challenge and how it builds future talent. This session will provide insight from a digital leader and an apprentice.

Sales Cloud & Future of work

Be Confident in Your Targets with Collaborative Forecasting

Learn how to predict and plan the sales cycle from pipeline to closed sales — and manage sales expectations throughout your sales organisation — with collaborative forecasts.

Customer-Centricity: A Journey Not a Destination

Learn how Freshfields maintains relationships with its network in times of unprecedented change by building momentum in the face of a disruption using customer intelligence.

Data-Driven Culture: A Must for Companies to Grow and Thrive

Organisations with a strong data culture can synthesise information and glean insights at scale, giving them a clear edge over the competition. We will discuss tips to develop data-driven values.

3 Secrets Revenue Teams Use to Win Complex Deals

Learn how to break free from guesswork to find, win, and grow your business by tapping into data-backed insights that accelerate velocity through your revenue flywheel.

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