Holiday Greetings from Fluido

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Dear Friends,

The past year has been very unusual in many ways. Needless to say, we saw businesses face challenges forcing them to take drastic measures to prevail and even survive. On the other hand, the requirement of quick adaptation to a new normal created an accelerated requirement for digitalization at our customers as the market situation changed. From the Fluido perspective, we’ve celebrated many great customer wins and project deliveries — but we’ve also seen our efforts decline in others, as one could expect.

The recent changes in our business environment go well beyond the “new normal” online meeting and remote officing, as some of the interactions in the customer interface have most likely changed for good. In our dialogue with customers, we experience the normalisation of e-commerce in b2b, extended capabilities for self- and remote service, and artificial intelligence bringing automation and scalability in these unprecedented situations, to name a few. Many of us have expected these changes further in the future. The new situation has given us an opportunity to re-prioritize the future roadmap to drive value earlier.

From a company culture perspective, It is easy to feel coherence and uplift during prosperous years; however, it is at times of turbulence when your culture goes through a test. For most of us, the year required adaptation and flexibility, easing into a new normal. What I am grateful for is our team showing care, empathy, and persistence for each other and the customers. We went from 7 offices to over 330 private offices around the world in a week. I am delighted how I can still feel our strong culture despite most of us working remotely.

A dynamic global Christmas party online together with the team

An important positive for us this year was Fluido’s expansion to both the UK and Benelux. Back in 2018, at the time when Fluido became part of the Infosys family, we announced Fluido’s expansion to the rest of Europe, and Infosys accelerated its commitment to the Salesforce ecosystem. These two offices, together with our 2019 expansion to Germany, put us in a fantastic position for the coming years.

Repeating our annual Christmas tradition, we are supporting local non-profit organisations across Europe, helping children and families in need. During the year, Fluido also supported several other nonprofits fighting climate change, nature preservation, and bringing peace across the world, among others.

Joulupuu is an annual charity event that collects Christmas gifts for kids who are in children’s homes, foster care, or who might otherwise be in need. Joulupuu is organised together with the Junior Chamber of Commerce and local social services, who take care that the gifts end up with the right families and kids without middlemen or expenses. This year, Fluidians collected about 80 Christmas presents for kids in need.


With this, I would like to extend our sincerest gratitude and thank you to all of our customers for your continued trust in our services, our friends at Salesforce, and the Infosys family for the continued support of the Fluido team. Thank you, Fluido Crew, for being such an amazing team and for everything you have done and accomplished during the year. Now it’s time to close 2020, take a deep breath and get ready for 2021. It will be different!

Kai Mäkelä
CEO, Fluido

Kai Mäkelä



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