Strategic Guide to Marketing Automation

Are you struggling to make marketing automation deliver business value?

When it comes to marketing automation, deploying the technology is only the first step of the journey. For most companies, reaching their marketing automation objectives requires a solid strategy and roadmap, quality customer data, and an organisation that works seamlessly together for a better customer experience.

If you think some of these factors are missing in your marketing automation efforts, then this guide is for you. The guide contents include:

  • Creating a strategy and setting business objectives
  • Creating a new way of operating marketing automation
  • Ensuring data strategy and compliance
  • Exploring customer journeys and creating content
  • Utilising emerging marketing technologies.

No matter your prior experience level, this guide will give you insight into how you can get value from marketing automation — not only now but also in the future.

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Guide author

Milla Hallanoro

Marketing Automation Practice Lead

Milla has over ten years of experience in marketing management both from B2B and B2C sectors. Her expertise is built around marketing automation, digital marketing and marketing leadership, one of her strengths being comprehensive understanding of the role of marketing as a part of the overall business. Milla is greatly inspired by the endless possibilities digitalization continues to bring for businesses and for the way they do marketing.

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