Fluido’s Recruitment Q&A

Are the certifications needed?

No, they are not. They could be a plus. However, we value the experience and the knowledge within the field rather than just a certification as well as the passion and eagerness to learn.


Are there are any language requirements?

Our official working language is English, so the local language is not required. However, depending on the location, the local language could be a plus. (for example, in Germany).


If there are multiple positions open, is it best to submit an open application or should I apply to each position separately?

You can apply to the most suitable position for you and also mention that the other positions that interest you in the same application. If you can’t choose, an Open application is good. All applications go to the same system, so no need to send several applications.


What’s Fluido’s recruitment process and timeline like?

Due to the fact that we have quite a high volume of applications coming in, it takes about 2 – 4 weeks to screen and respond.
Then if you are selected for an interview, we usually have 2 – 3 rounds of interviews including and a general and a technical one.

During this Covid-19 situation, the recruitment process is a bit slower as we are looking for potential candidates to join us from autumn onwards.


How often you review open applications? Do you keep the open applications on file for future opportunities?

We review open applications as frequently as all the other applications. If we see the potential fit for the future, we will keep your profile for 1 year as per Recruitment Privacy Policy and will contact you if a suitable opportunity opens up.


Do you provide visa sponsorships and transfers?

We do support and help, however, we do not have a defined relocation package.
Please keep in mind that due to the current situation we are currently looking for people primarily with a residence permit in our local countries.


Do you offer junior positions?

Please apply, but currently, we are trying to find people with prior experience. If we see potential, we will contact you later.


Can I start my journey as a developer at Fluido?

You need basic training/knowledge of development.


Are you aiming to mainly work with larger corporations or will you consider working with smaller companies/NGOs?

We work on large projects, the size of the company doesn’t necessarily affect the size of the projects.


Do you encourage remote working?

Our work can be done quite easily from anywhere, however, some clients require a local presence.


How often do employees receive knowledge sharing sessions led by more senior colleagues and training on Salesforce new features/releases?

Sharing knowledge is a very big part of Fluido’s culture. Everyone uses our internal Chatter groups to share news, information, and training material. Our colleagues also organize knowledge sharing sessions on a monthly basis.


Please tell me more about how do you develop your personnel. Is there a personal growth plan for every Fluido employee?

At Fluido, we support your growth through experience in projects, training, and certifications. Your work will prove your career path and a career plan will be made for you personally together with your team lead.

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