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Growing Trees Network: battling climate change with Salesforce

Growing Trees Network is a non-profit organization dedicated to battling the consequences of climate change with reforestation. With Fluido’s Salesforce expertise, they were able to significantly grow the efficiency and reliability of their operations.

Kim Nielsen and Lars Heiselberg Vang Jensen founded the Growing Trees Network organization in 2012. Their goal was to make it possible for private companies to plant trees in Denmark and so contribute to reforestation efforts.

Since its inception, Growing Trees Network has planted 2,4 million trees distributed on nearly 100 afforestation projects. They are happy to serve private and corporate customers alike, with 90 percent of donations from companies.

“We act as facilitators getting organizations to donate money for trees planted in different projects. We want to disconnect the system of buying and selling carbon emissions by providing a direct connection between the landowner and the company so that companies can own the carbon footprint reduction,” Kim Nielsen describes the operations.

Until now, Growing Trees Network used excel sheets to manage all their donations and corresponding projects. When the number of donations and donors grew, this proved to be a difficult and time-consuming task.

Moving from excel sheets to the cloud

Salesforce donated Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud licenses to Growing Trees Network. This is a CRM solution dedicated specifically to managing fundraising programs and engagement. Fluido contributed to this by donating 50 hours of Salesforce development work.

Growing Trees Network lets the donor select which project and country to donate to. Fluido implemented a setup specifically for Growing Trees Network on the Salesforce Nonprofit platform so that they can now track how many trees are donated to a certain project and by whom.

It is now possible to ensure the customers are getting what they want. For example, if a customer says that they want to donate 2000 trees to a particular project, the program manager can check that project in Salesforce and see how many trees are available.

Fluido also helped Growing Trees Network’s operations by implementing time- and effort-saving custom features. For example, one feature allows the program manager to find and allocate trees that haven’t got a project attached to them with just one click.

Saving time and effort

Growing Trees Network is very satisfied with Salesforce and Fluido and are now able to save a lot of time and manual labor when managing their fundraising programs.

"The Fluido team was really creative in inventing features we didn't know we needed. They were very good at understanding our business and our setup even though it's very complex. They surely added value to us as customers."

Kim Nielsen, Managing Director, Growing Trees Network

“The Fluido team also gave us a lot of help and advice along the way.”

Growing Trees Network now has an immediate overview of their projects. They are able to answer any questions regarding donations, what trees are left and who donated trees to a certain project. All this in turn contributes to a better customer experience.

“Moving to Salesforce has also been helpful for the donor companies: they can now reserve trees for a certain project. This way we can help them plan their donations ahead and provide them with what they need,” Nielsen mentions.

As companies exceedingly want to protect natural resources and biodiversity, so is Growing Trees Network’s focus shifting from Denmark to other countries in the world as well. And they now surely have the right tools for the expansion.



Written by Mirka Kurkela 

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