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Every Salesforce investment comes with inherent risks stemming from current-state solutions, conflicting organisational goals, existing technical architecture, and extensive multi-year software licensing deals.  Fluido Advisory Services strategically navigates through technical, commercial, and operational challenges to formulate a future-state roadmap.

"Fluido has helped us reduce our costs by 30% through platform, work process and license optimisation."

Gaute Sandal, Chief Digital Officer, SATS

Advisory Services

A Strategic Design Blueprint serves as your roadmap for all future design endeavours, ensuring a seamless alignment with both the technical and commercial requirements of your Salesforce investments.

This comprehensive approach strikes a delicate balance between aspirational objectives, long-term transformation goals, and the immediate needs of today.

Avoid contradicting program objectives

Articulate, validate, measure and syndicate the “Why” behind project investments.

Ensure strategic objectives and value drivers are clear, shared, and can be translated into improved operational capabilities and technology improvements.

Prevent current state technical debt

Create a clear map from strategic objectives to specific business capabilities and their related measures, KPIs and expected outcomes to ensure a cohesive design.

Bypass organisational compartmentalisation  

Establishing KPIs, benchmarks, and/or tangible business transformation goals early, tying these to capabilities and functionality outcomes

Reduce financial risk

De risk your investment with a comprehensive and realistic commercial and technical assessment. Produce a future-state roadmap that balances aspirational and transformation goals with the needs of today.

We de risk your Salesforce investment and reduce your overall costs

Transforming your business with Salesforce is exciting, but we understand that navigating through challenges like current-state solutions, conflicting goals, and complex licensing deals can be daunting. That’s where Fluido Advisory Services steps in to make your Salesforce experience smoother and ensure you get the most out of your investment and technology.

Our team strategically guides you through technical, commercial, and operational hurdles, creating a personalised roadmap for your future success. We carefully balance your aspirations and long-term transformation goals to help evaluate risks and immediate needs to ensure every step aligns seamlessly with your Salesforce investment.

How can Advisory Services help

We’ve taken our ten years of Salesforce experience and created a service that connects your company’s goals and performance indicators to practical results in your day-to-day processes and customer interactions.

We look beyond immediate challenges to balance aspirational long-term transformation goals with your current needs. This perspective is carried into design work to ensure it supports your needs and goals.

Consider this future-forward plan your blueprint, designed to meet both your technical and commercial requirements, making your Salesforce journey successful and tailored to your specific needs.

The strategic blueprint is a proven methodology that delivers for your critical Salesforce project:

  • Clear vision
  • Measurable outcomes
  • Value realisation
  • Risk reduction

Why select Advisory Services

  • Clear purpose: Communicate the “why” behind your project investments, ensuring everyone is on the same page for the operational and technological transformation.
  • Long-term vision: Map strategic objectives to specific business capabilities, using clear measures and outcomes for a unified and practical design.
  • No silos: Collaborate between different departments by establishing KPIs and benchmarks, linking them to tangible business transformation goals.
  • Smart investment: Minimise risks with a practical assessment. Develop a roadmap that balances future goals with present needs for a secure and successful investment.

Dive into our proven approach, from goal analysis to value-driven program roadmaps, and embark on a journey to a transformed future state. Download this brief overview now and revolutionise your business strategy!

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