The Evolution of Wealth Management

The speed of technological change and the impact of wealth being transferred from older to younger generations is piling pressure on wealth management service providers. The younger generation expects multichannel service and impeccable customer experience, which many providers lack right now. This gap has to be addressed by wealth managers and advisers, or they risk not evolving quickly enough.

The wealth and asset management value chain is also hitting a critical point in its evolution. The global pandemic has exposed the lack of innovation when it comes to the ‘engagement layer’ of its proposition, and the pace of change is crippling all parties involved, ultimately to the detriment of the customer. This sector has undoubtedly been a slow starter in embracing the 4th industrial revolution, and without considerable investment won’t be ready for the 5th.

In this on-demand webinar, an expert panel will discuss the challenges the wealth management sector is experiencing in evolving the technology and services on offer to support the changing expectations of their client base. We’ll also explore how all parties can develop and modernise their services to support engagement, enhance the experience and drive efficiencies. The experts will share their knowledge, experience, and vision of what can be done to transform your organisation to fit the modern environment and customer needs.

View the on-demand webinar here: