4 tips for leveraging ServiceMax Asset 360 core capabilities  

With rising customer expectations and increasing complexity of managing field service teams efficiently, many business leaders are starting to realize the value that field service management systems can bring to their business. As a specialist in Salesforce Field Service solution, Fluido has achieved two new ServiceMax Asset 360 Implementation Specialist -certifications. 

Natively built for Salesforce Field Service, ServiceMax Asset 360 delivers complete visibility into install base, service contracts and asset performance. Utilising the below core features of ServiceMax Asset 360 ensures that you get the biggest benefit for your business.

1. Take advantage of ServiceMax Asset 360’s  Service Process Manager to automate your key business processes

The Service Process Manager (SPM) is a process automation tool that provides similar capabilities which are brought over from the ServiceMax Core solution. This feature enables you to create interactive process steps, screens and data mappings which makes it easier to automate process flows for complex field service processes. The SPM utilises the Salesforce Lightning Flow-process automation tool, so it provides a familiar interface for Salesforce Administrators. ServiceMax Asset 360 comes pre-configured with several best practice process flows.

For example, use an interactive step to create a Work Order and add required parts along with context-sensitive lookup searches and automatic data mappings based on selected Customer and Product Group.

2. Automate your asset warranties, shorten the time to handle warranty claims and avoid warranty leakage

Asset 360 gives you the tools to automatically apply the correct asset warranty with the pre-specified warranty terms, including warranty start and end times. This gives you the ability to avoid granting free service or spare parts to assets which are no longer eligible for warranty.

For example, assign a standard warranty for a Product and map the warranty start date to the installation date. After your Field Service Engineer has installed the Asset for your customer, the warranty starts running and ends based on the specified warranty period.

3. Utilize the ServiceMax Asset 360 Entitlement Engine to define the price for service and spare parts for your customer

No more time wasted in determining the correct pricing and SLAs for your customer over email or phone. The ServiceMax Asset 360 Entitlement Engine means that you can define the exact level of service and pricing based on multitude of factors, such as the particular Account, Service Contract or Asset. Your customer service can use the Interactive Entitlement -feature to select the desired entitlement in case, e.g. both warranty and service contract are eligible. You can also allow the system to show you already expired Service Contracts to nurture the customer. The system also supports fully automated entitlement assignments for Cases and Work Orders.

For example, when creating a Work Order, choose between an Asset-specific warranty or an Account-specific service contract to enable automatic pricing and level of service for the Work Order giving your control over how you want to serve your customers.

4. Incorporate your RMA and Depot Repair Process

No more hassle regarding managing your depot repair process of faulty Assets. With ServiceMax Asset 360, you can automatically determine if the Asset is eligible for depot repair, after which you can create a return order with a few clicks. Asset 360 can track the arrival of the Asset to your Service Center, after which you can manage the Repair process and debrief the Work Order fully in Asset 360. The fixed asset will be sent back to the customer with minimal manual steps in the system and unnecessary time wasted on back office processes.

For example, grant Return Merchandise Authorization with a few clicks and integrate the returned Asset into your Work Order process. Save time, increase customer satisfaction and be certain that you are getting paid for the service you provide.


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