Keep your customers and increase their satisfaction

Customers are the most important asset to your business, and looking after them is essential to your success. With the availability of more and more powerful tools for sharing positive or negative experiences and for interacting with your brand, customers’ standards for an effortless service experience regardless of channel are constantly rising.


Support customers everywhere

Implementing an omnichannel service solution with high-productivity agent consoles makes a great impact to your service experience, customer satisfaction and bottom line. Your service agents can always be up-to-date and deliver instant and personalized support no matter the channel — chat, social, email, sms , or phone.

Field Service and Preventative Maintenance

As customer expectations and the logistics of managing field teams continue to increase in complexity, many business leaders realize the value that field service management systems can bring to their business as a whole.

With field service solutions, onsite job management can be handled together with real-time collaboration and access to job schedules van inventory, knowledge articles, and more. Additionally intelligent dispatching and predictive maintenance schemes that are enabled by artificial intelligence and IOT can be enormous cost savers and have a great impact on customer satisfaction.

Fluido Experience

Fluido has vast experience from implementing service solutions from large b2c call centers to complex industrial field service solutions to 100+ customers in the Nordics. With deep understanding of service processes, latest technology solutions and change management our certified team can deliver an end-to-end experience for your company that goes beyond your business goals.


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