Fluido to bring the study administration IT system into the 21st century

Press release November 3, 2023

Seven of Denmark’s universities can look forward to a completely new and joint study administration system that will put students at the centre and digitise processes that were previously handheld. The new IT system will be tied to a modern Salesforce solution provided by Fluido. The solution will replace STADS, which was developed for universities in the 90s.

There is good news for staff and students at seven of Denmark’s universities, who can now look forward to a new and modern study administration system that will streamline and digitize workflows between universities. The new system is based on a standard cloud-based solution, which is known from private companies, but is also used at a number of universities in Sweden, Norway and Finland, among others.

The order for the system is DKK 330 million and will be delivered by the Danish IT company Fluido. The new study administration system will, among other things, ensure digital streamlining across the affiliated universities in the form of AAU, KU, CBS, DTU, ITU, SDU and RUC.

“We are proud to deliver such an important IT solution. It is a solution that many Danes come into contact with on a daily basis, and which will make a lot of things easier for both students and staff. For example, a student who moves his/her degree to another university with the same study administration system will experience a much smoother transition because courses and credits are automatically transferred. This means that the student does not have to manually send documentation of completed courses to the new university, as everything can be done online,” says Claus Riis Pedersen, Country Manager at Fluido Denmark.

The solution Fluido builds the system on is called Education Cloud and is developed by Salesforce. The purpose of Education Cloud is to keep students and staff tightly connected through a system that is more efficient, simple and user-friendly. The new study administration system will be able to support a wide range of university processes, including the organisation of study programmes, registration for course elements or tests, registration of test results, handling of student cases, communication and guidance as well as payment and reporting to the authorities.

Public or commercial: The challenges are the same

In Denmark, Salesforce is primarily known for delivering solutions to private companies with commercial interests, but this does not mean that a public solution will be particularly challenging, as according to Fluido, it is not decisive whether the customer is private or public. On the other hand, it is specifically about the task, where many of the challenges recur:

“For us, it’s important to create user journeys that are simple and where user needs are put at the centre.” This applies to both a private company that needs to generate more marketing leads and a public customer that needs to streamline their IT system. It is our job to understand and solve the customer’s problems regardless of the type of customer,” says Claus Riis Pedersen and continues:

“Unlike before, the new system will be a standard solution for all the universities involved. This will make it easier for staff and students to work across disciplines, as they will be greeted by a user interface they are familiar with. In addition, the systems will be able to digitize a number of the processes that are currently physical, which will make it easier for everyone involved. Last but not least, it is a cloud solution. Thus, it will be significantly easier to continuously update the system so that it is always up to date,” concludes Claus Riis Pedersen.

About Fluido

Fluido is a leading Salesforce consulting firm that strengthens its customers’ business through the Salesforce platform. Our vision is to become the most respected partner and desired employer in the Salesforce ecosystem while maintaining our company values of trust, friendship, and customer success. We offer Salesforce consulting services in 13 European countries, and our global scalability, combined with the local expertise of our consultants, ensures a successful digital transformation for our clients. Fluido is part of the Infosys family, a global leader in next-generation AI-led digital services and consulting.


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