Fluido achieves the fifth Future Workplaces certification

Fluido achieves The Future Workplaces certification for the fifth time. This acknowledgement is granted to companies where the corporate culture is led with exceptional understanding of values and employee experience.

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According to the study, the most important and meaningful factors from the employee’s point of view actualise very well at Fluido. Among the factors were, for example, work-life balance, fair compensation and great colleagues. Fluido also gained a very high eNPS of 48 points in this survey as well. This is well above the industry standard of about 20 points.

The Siqnificant Company that grants The Future Workplaces certification and conducts the Siqni survey for Fluido has a database of thousands of employee answers. Fluido has been using this survey tool since 2018 to better understand what is important to their employees. What is remarkable from the data is to see that even though everyone has been somehow affected by the pandemic, the meaningful factors of work have not changed from before the pandemic.

“We want to be a good place to work for everyone. And as we are a diverse team, it is sometimes difficult to ponder strategies and decisions that affect us all. By asking our employees where we can do better or where we are succeeding as a company, we get the feedback to understand where to go next when it comes to our ways of working or our wellbeing at work”, Pauliina Löytty, Head of People and Culture at Fluido, describes.

“This certification tells us we are doing the right things. It means the world to Fluido that what we do is appreciated.”

With the Siqni survey, employees select five factors that are most meaningful for them at work. Employees also explain how these factors are fulfilled and how these should be fulfilled in their current position. This type of information gives the company valuable insight into relevant development areas that could be improved for a great employee experience.

“We know the things that we are doing well, and we intend to keep those that way, and we know what we should do better. Our employees value work-life balance and meaningful work assignments. One place we clearly have to do better is our career opportunities. A good proportion of our employees are extremely interested in increasing their knowledge and finding new roles and responsibilities,” Pauliina explains.

Read more about our career opportunities here.

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